Patient Review

Rudy Strasswimmer

Venice Florida, USA

Just completed my 6 month follow-up visit after 6 implants were healing. Basically had 3/4 full mouth restoration done. Complete lower jaw, 1/2 + upper jaw crowns/bridge redone(15 crowns, 6 implants w/abutments/crowns, and one crown redone under warrantee because it was temporary for the 6 month wait and had to be redone to fit my new bite). I am glad I got Dr. Jose Manuel as my dentist! He and his assistant were top notch and meticulous with their work. I still have to go back for one minor bite adjustment tomorrow but I know that will go fine. My teeth look great and I am very happy with everyone at Sani-dental and the Hacienda hotel which was free for my stay. They also provided a shuttle to and from Yuma airport which took away a lot of the stress of the travel visit. Dr. Manuel has been working at sani for 10 years and his experience shows. My teeth were a mess and half non-existent prior to my visit, now they are basically perfect!!! I, like most all reviewers on here just can't say enough about the professionalism of sani's staff and would (and will) come back in the future if need be. Only one dentist I went to in the USA I would say was very good also(out of many I'd been to), but Dr. Manuel was just as good(if not better!) and the cost was about 1/3rd of what I'd of had to pay in the USA. I'd certainly recommend Sani Dental and Dr. Manuel to anyone needing quality dental work at a very good price(plus they honor their 2 year guarantee with no questions asked! You don't get that in the USA!!!) I just hope my shuttle back to the airport goes without a hitch like it did during my last visit, but I am confident it will. I did have to wait for my appointments, but that is because they don't rush their work and sometimes it takes more time than expected to reach perfection. Wasn't a big deal(at least for me) since they have TV's in the waiting areas to pass the time. Thank You Sani Dental staff and dental departures for helping coordinate my visits!!!!!!! You might find even lower prices at other dentists in Los Algodones, but Sani Dental is a sure bet and even has its own lab on site to create the crowns/bridges. I know I wouldn't chance going anywhere else now since I know the quality the dentists at Sani provide! Rudy S.