Patient Review

Henderson, USA September 26th, 2016

I can't say enough about how wonderful everyone at the clinic has been to me and my husband and sister in law. The clinic is state of the art. I have not seen as good in the States. Work and care was done by multiple professionals. I love that instead of one doing all the work. At least 10 people worked on my sister who had all her teeth taken 16 and 8 implants. She is a whimp when it comes to any surgery and my husband could not believe how good she did. I had a couple of implants, teeth whitening, sinus lift, my husband had 12 crowns. This was our second visit my sister's first. We will be back in 5 months for her permanent teeth. The Hacienda hotel is clean and great atmosphere with pool and jacuzzi. TONY is so helpful and took care of all our needs. BTW hotel is free if you have a thousand or more work done at clinic. The price is less than half of what they wanted in the states. At the clinic I want to mention a few names that assisted us. DIANE WHO SPEAKS PERFECT ENGLISH, DAVID SPEAKS ENGLISH, DR EMANUEL, DR ALEHANDRO (ALEX), DR. CARLOS,VIRGINIA, XRAY TECH GIOVANNI, MARCO,ISRAEL, and ELADIO JUST TO NAME A FEW.