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Patient Review

Montana, USA October 21st, 2013

If you?re reading this, you may be considering dental procedures by Sani Dental Group. I encourage moving forth. I?ve taken two trips, now wanting to share my experience. I worked with Felix in the Marketing Department for estimates, information and arrangements. He was so helpful, using perfect English and probably Spanish but all I know is Gracias. Reservations were made at the Hacienda Hotel for my stays. Tony or Ramon are very in tune to providing a great experience during a stay. Very friendly and extremely helpful. The Clinics are just a short walking distance, however due to a Medical problem I needed a ride. Carmella was available instantly to take me and others via the Van. Bring some dollars for tips. I noticed several patients must have felt rides are covered in the very low prices of the rooms. Carmella doesn?t speak English but one can feel his friendliness and dedication. Clinic Receptionists will call for a pick-up when appointment is finished. The Office has an area to enjoy Reyna?s home-style cooking of very tasty soft food, all $5.00 or less. Be careful of the Plicate Sauce?..I put a few drops on a Burrito which led to lighting me up with fire. The Neapolitan ice cream put it out as it did on several times to sooth the soreness after appointments. Reyna, Tony and Ramon were seen delivering meals to rooms or the patio also. Such great service. Wandering to the Courtyard found many patients to chat and get to know from all over the U.S., Canada and even Europe. The common denominator of dental work brings everyone together sharing experiences. During my first visit, 2 patients shopped for items to BBQ. Another used to be a Chef so he cooked a meal that about 25 enjoyed. Shrimp, Fajitas, Asparagus, and more. It was Tony?s Birthday so we had a cake, lit with so many candles we could have roasted marshmallows. Ha! My first visit took me to the main Sani Clinic for diagnostics and treatment plan. I needed Implants so was taken to Sani Platinum. Dr. Barragan greeted me and did the work. As I found out then and later, all the Dentists are very concerned about pain level. They must go thru gallons of Lidocaine over a short time. If you make a sound or even squint an eye they are ready to inject more. Of course the gums become sore later but just get some of Reyna?s ice cream. Oral jell helps also. But Whisky was used many years ago. The implants had to heal over several months, so my second visit was to Sani Platinum. Carmella drove me over parked right in front of the building in an open spot kept by José. The streets were lined with parked cars. I was greeted by José, smiling, chatting and joking in great English. He also keeps the entrance sparkling clean, mopping and polishing in-between greeting patients. Stepping inside the beautiful space age designed building, I met Diana at the desk. Super person, speaking such perfect English I thought she might have been raised in the U.S and moved to Los Algodones. She kept up with every patients need and if there was a delay, she informed. There was no time spent wondering or having to ask when, what, where. Instantly I felt we knew each other for years. Day 1 I was first seen by Dr. Barragan who took X-rays and examined the progress of my implants. At one point there were 5 Dentists in the room, looking at my x-rays, discussing (in Spanish) what needed to be accomplished. After a short wait, I was called to the Diagnostics room to meet with April and a Dentist. April is, as her name suggests, the essence of Spring. So knowledgeable, helpful and friendly it seemed like I knew her a long time also. Speaking very good English, she put together a Treatment Plan with estimated costs. All the Dentists are experts in a particular procedure as well as General Dentistry. Then it was down the hall to for Dr. Barragan to extract 2 infected front teeth. Four other front teeth, which have been ground to nubbins, would have Root Canals with posts to hold a Bridge, and both sides would have Bridges from implant to implant to replace long lost Molars. Having gained complete confidence in the Dentists, I was ready for eventually having new purlies. The next day José was there to welcome me back for my 8 or 9 hours in the chair with 2 different Dentists doing 2 different procedures. Dr. Benjamin performed the Root Canals and built up the Posts. I?ve had one done in the past but four on the same day made me edgy. Maybe there was Marijuana in the Lidocaine because soon I was relaxed and felt comfortable with this perfectionist. It would have been good if there was a Video Cam on the ceiling to satisfy my curiosity watching the procedure. After asking to see an extracted nerve, Dr. Benjamin explained they are usually removed in pieces, but later showed me one that was removed whole. Had no idea they were so long, especially with my teeth ground so short. I joked the pain in my shoulder went away after it was removed. When he was finished, Dr. Muniz came to do Abatement. Quite the procedure but painless due to more injections. After completion I asked for a mirror. Wow, pointed teeth, I was all set to dress as a Werewolf for Halloween. Then it was time for impressions to make Temporary Bridges. These were sent to the Lab a block or so away. After waiting for about an hour they were back for fitting, then resent for some final work. When returned they fit comfortable and I was all set to go back to Hacienda for some ice cream. They looked like perfect teeth but was told to eat soft food until the final ones were made and placed. So I had a couple Jack Daniel drinks, soup and ice cream and happily showed them off to several patients that evening. Day 3 was easy, just something called Metal Test and choosing color for Crowns. In and out in less than an hour. I had to wear the Temporary?s that evening while the Permanents were completed. so my evening was a repeat of Day 2. Ha! The Jack Daniels was even better than the ice cream and I was carrying on a long lost Dental Tradition. Day 4 was scheduled for noonish, but after Reyna?s delicious French Toast and Bacon, as well as, being tired of watching the cleaning activity at the Hotel I went early to chat and joke around with José, Diana and April when they weren?t busy. Those folks and all the other employees (Dental Assistants, etc.) are just so friendly, happy and smiling. I had planned to stay two weeks in case there was any work needed on the upper mandible but here I was on my last day with mixed feelings of heading home or staying longer to enjoy colorful Los Algodones. It?s made up of many Street Vendors, Dentists, Pharmacies, Optical places and Eateries. I plan to return for a few vacation days to buy new lenses, another pair of glasses and things from the vendors that I won?t be able to say ?No Gracias? to. So, my Permanents were ready to be cemented in and Dr. Muniz was ready. After fitting he felt they need a little more porcelain to make the bite perfect. A call was made to the Lab for pick-up so I had more time to chat with Diana and April. We decided to figure out my bill and pay while waiting. The Lab must have been overwhelmed because they hadn?t picked up my Permanents so Dr. Muniz walked them over. Don?t know if he waited for them to be done or did the work, but he returned to cement in the perfect fitting Bridges. Returning to Hacienda, I went to Reyna, knowing it wasn?t on the menu, but asked her for Deep Fried Chicken, pointing to my new teeth. We laughed, then ordered a Burger and Fries. It will be wonderful not to gum the Fried Chicken to death tonight. Have you noticed how many times I used the word Perfect and Perfectionist? Sani Dental Group is PERFECT. They are inspected and accredited by the ADA (American Dental Association). I don?t understand why after my experiences in U.S. Dental Offices. It seems to me, the ADA should learn how to operate from Sani Dental Group. Besides the Dental Insurance Companies should dissolve. The limit of coverage usually equals the amount paid for a policy. I left Los Algodones a happy man, a Very Happy man and so anxious to show off my new purlies.