Patient Review

JACKI gordon


my service and work was top notch . my doctor was right on for all work preformed as well the prices you can't beat. the place of work very clean and the staff was always ready to help in any way. the doctor and her assistance where very much the pro's when it came to work done. the staff who took exrays and front desk where very friendly and always asking questions about my care. I WOULD and do recommend then for there services to anybody. I WOULD go back for all my dental needs now and in the future. they provide travel services and even hotel for patients if so desired. in all I give there group 5 stars for excellence in all areas of what they offer to those with dental issues. note: there are the only ones there who didn't have people trying to pull people off the street like all the others did when I walked down to office. this ment a lot and says a lot for quality that is given there. there name and workmenship is the best. I even was told by another don't go to sani come in here for better service I just laughed and walked to appointment