Patient Review

Arthur Pineda

Cypress, United States

After several years of putting up with some residual pain and at times real discomfort I decided to have the root canal done. I'd inquired at 3 Houston area dentists with the average price being roughly $2300 just for the root canal and molar. The was also some cavities that needed to be worked on and a night guard. Did some research on-line and settled on Sani Group but I'm sure (based on the research) there are a fair number of qualified dentists in Los Algodones. Upon arriving at the Andrade Point of Entry I called Sani Group and there local driver was dispatched to pick me up. Although there was some construction at the U.S. side parking lot it was easy to access and the all day parking was nominal $6. Upon entry in Mexico the Sani Group mini van was clearly visible and it was a short 4-5 block ride. You can walk it but be prepared for all the vendors hawking their wares and the other dentists/optometrists trying to get you in their office. The Sani Group office was clean and modern looking and most of the staff speak excellent English or Spanish (if you want to practice). Had to wait awhile for the consultation but once that was done the rest of the procedure went smoothly. I had an initial aversion or phobia about the root canal procedure and initially requested anesthesia which would have cost me $600 or about twice the root canal and crown. The consulting dentist recommended a common sedative which is included in the cost and I went with it. It calmed me down sufficiently and the procedure was completed without incident or discomfort. Had to return two additional days to complete the mold for the crown and the actual install of the crown. Once it was completed the night guard was fitted and made in 1 hour. It took 1+ weeks stateside. I would have highly recommended The Sani Group even before finding out the work is guaranteed for 2 years. I stayed at the Quechan Casino and Hotel which is located off I-8 and the Los Algodones exit. If you're thinking of getting a root canal, crown or other expensive dental work in the U.S. consider this alternative. I did and am quite pleased.