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Patient Review

Richard & Barbara Blum

Mesa, USA

Just finished our second visit to Sani Dental Platinum. Again, it was a five star experience. My husband, Richard had the most work done; three crowns and a root canal. The first day is always long, due to all the drilling, then finished the day with a root canal. We don't feel that running behind in appt. schedules is a big issue. In talking to other patients, the time issue has never come up. Patients of Sani Dental go there because of the quality of work. The dentists we have had are perfectionists. They do excellent work and want all of their patients to be happy with the final results. We know that each dentist will take whatever time is necessary and we all appreciate that. With all the work my husband had done, he experienced very little discomfort and that's a good thing. We both left happy. We have recommended Sani Dental to everyone we know and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Barbara & Richard

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