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Patient Review

charlie frederick

Woodbourne, United States

Decided on this place after seeing the number and quality of reviews, thought I'd add to it. I arrived an hour early and they got me in, for the checkup, the xray and the surgery (got all 4 wisdoms pulled as precautionary measure) as soon as they were able, kept communication with me, were EXTREMELY friendly and the practicing doctor was professional, amazing communication and yanked all four of those suckers out quickly and painlessly. Scrips right at the desk, all INSANELY affordable (4500-5000 in the states at any decent place vs under 1000 for xray, 4 extractions, and full bag of prescriptions afterwards, rest was spent on hotel in Yuma *i didn't want to drive across the border or leave my car in the states while i was in mexico, otherwise would've gotten a hotel in Los Algodones* and ice cream) Such a great experience, especially for someone who's never been to mexico and didn't have anybody to go with me. highly recommend going with someone if possible or being able to get a hotel in mexico as waiting for a cab back from Yuma is comfortably the worst part (which isn't so bad at all, just an uncomfortable hour-hour and a half of waiting by the border) although i'm to understand that some hotels have shuttles (i stayed at Travelodge in Yuma for a Dental special price, 75 bucks a night!!!) seriously consider getting work done down here, Sani Dental was super pro, super clean, really a great experience. i guess they're opening a location in cancun soon as well if you're looking for a little more vacationy experience.

everything was great, zero complaints or notes.