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Patient Review

Mike Ellingson

Fargo, North Dakota, USA

I went on line and researched dentists in Mexico and found out about a tiny town, just across the US border called Los Algodonas. There are over 100 dentists in this small town. There were so many to choose from it was almost impossible to decide. I ended up going with Sani dental because they had the best looking web site and looked very professional. I emailed them an itemized list, tooth by tooth, of what the Fargo dentist said I needed most, not including the price. Sani dental sent back a tooth by tooth quote totaling only $2,450.00. The dentist in Fargo had quoted me $13,504.00! When I got to Sani Dental they did their own impressive scan of my mouth and found more that needed to be done and quoted a new price of $4,400.00. I knew my local dentist did not include everything, just what I needed most. I told the Sani Dentist I had to get closer to the price they quoted in their email. I knew I could not do everything. A new price of $3,200.00 was quoted. I again said I needed to get closer to the original price, so we came up with doing 12 crowns, 4 extractions and some other things for a $2,830 price. (I could have had 2 implants done, but I would have had to come back to Mexico to add a crown later and the added cost was more than I was willing to spend.) When Dr. Jose Manuel started doing the work he said I did not need a root canal and post and the teeth pulled were normal extractions and not surgical extractions, so that brought the price down even more. The total cost came to only $2,330.00. I was very happy with Dr. Manuel's work! He really took his time to do a good job and not rush. It is so good to have a nice smile again! I have already told many friends about how very happy I was with Sani Dental Group and Dr. Jose Manuel and the beautiful Briseida, who was very kind and helpful and easy to talk to!