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Patient Review

Eugene Hagburg

Durango CO, USA

Amazing Dentistry? I am 85 and needed some serious dental work?the estimate in Denver was $25,000?and locally the Dentist charged about $1000 an hour for everything beyond simple cleaning and cavities.?SO?I did some research and found reasonable costs, outstanding dental work and wish to share with you. Contact web site info@sanidentalgroup.com www.sanidentalgroup.com Los Algodones, Mexico. This about 8 miles from Yuma, Arizona. It is very easy to get to?park your car one block from Border?walk a short distance across Border and you will find a quaint and interesting village of about 4000 people and packed with Dentists, Pharmacies, and Eye Doctors. And rich with outstanding work standards. This was the best dental experience I had in a lifetime?they strive for perfection?and finish the work on a fast schedule. I had complete exam on Monday morning?Monday afternoon they started?Tuesday afternoon they did final prep?Wednesday evening they finished. They did 14 crowns (porcelain fused metal crowns) at $180 each?.such would cost a minimum of $1500 each in US?will attach a pic so you can see the end product. I had my sight prescription updated and purchased 3 new pair of glasses for less than half price. In addition Sani dental has an arrangement with a local hotel located about 4 blocks from their 3 clinics?(Hacienda Los Algodones)?not a top luxury spot but more than adequate?check it out on internet. AND, paid for only one night?Sani covered 4 nights at no cost. They are quite booked with people from all over?had long chats with others from Florida, Washington, California, Montana?these example had made multiple trips for dental work and we all agreed. This was amazing cost wise and work wise and getting big jobs done in a few days. Sani has its own Lab in town and they work around the clock? so no long term temporaries and multiple visits?get it done with perfection?now! So wish to share with friends?if an 85 old guy would drive some 2000 miles RT for such they must be good. But it was that or not do anything? tis very unfortunate that too many have been priced out of the market at home.