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Patient Review

richard hamburg

bryan, us

If you ever have any question about the service at Sani please email me and I will tell you why you need to go there. I highly recommend Sani. They have changed my live. They have giving something that I could not have gotten here without going broke. You get the same quality of care at Sani as you do in any of the dental clinics here. If not its better. I will always go back even for just a cleaning if I am able to. To me the dentist and his assistant were the absolute best and most professional people you could find in all the world. Sani doesn't just have professional people working there. They have world class professionals there. If you want to get your mouth fixed and fixed right then you need to GO TO SANI DENTAL. I can not say that enough. Thank you Sani Dental for giving me a piece of my live back. I look forward to coming back.