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Patient Review

Holly P.

Hubert, Onslow

Every single person who works at all of the Sani Dental clinics (Baja Surgery Center too) is amazing. Professional, kind, honest, and helpful. I traveled all the way from North Carolina (2, 500 miles) alone and basically got the worst news you could possibly ge⁹⁸t from a dentist. My teeth were all ruined, my face was too small, and my jawbone was too thin, and therefore I was not even a good candidate for traditional implants, which was the whole reason I went there. But I needed zygomatic implants, which are much more expensive and way, way scarier. The cost of my original treatment plan had doubled and I couldn't afford it anymore. I was devastated. But they worked out a new plan and applied every discount they could until they reached a price that I could pay. But I was still terrified. I went alone because I thought I would just be going to a dentist. Now, I was looking at a very serious surgery. Several hours under anesthesia, with tubes up my nose while they did an alveoplasty, multiple bone grafts, and placed implants in my cheekbones. But there actually was no reason to be scared. The staff all took such good care of me!! The recovery has been pretty painful and my face still looks pretty rough, but that was to be expected and it's only been about a week and a half now. They did a beautiful job on my teeth and I feel so much better. I nearly cried at my last appointment when they gave me the mirror. They fixed my lifelong humiliation in 5 days. The cab driver who took me to the border told me that Sani Dental group is the best and most trustworthy. He was absolutely right. If you are considering dental tourism, but are scared, don't be. And if you have no one to go with you, go yourself. And go with Sani Dental. It's not at all scary or unsafe. I stayed at Sani's partner hotel, Cielito Lindo, (make sure to tell the person at the front desk that to get a discount) It was clean, beautiful, and even fun under the circumstances. I can't wait to go back for my next appointment so I can bring my son. If you've been thinking about this for a while now, I hope you will take this review as a sign.They fixed 30 years of suffering in less than a week. If you are undecided, just go. You can always turn around and go right home if you want to, but you won't. Dental tourism is a MIRACLE and Sani Dental employees are absolute ANGELS. They changed my life...they can change yours too!!

I xou