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Patient Review

Bob Didier

Aurora, Colorado

I came for what turned out to be 24 crowns and a root canal. I had four appointments with Dr. Berenice and all were on time. I think her work was excellent and she tried very hard to be sure the crowns fit well. I had a single crown that had a small hole in the finish but I couldn't wait to have another made because my wife was in the hospital. Dr. Acosta told me to get it replaced when I return. I don't remember his name, but because her assistant speaks such good English I always knew what was being done. He is young, but I think he likes his work very much. I picked up the nite guard just before I left but when I got home I found out it didn't fit. It kept moving around and I had to take it out. I want to thank Sani Dental for the ride from the airport and back. Angel is a great guy and Tony at the hotel is always great. He tries very hard to be sure that all the guest have what they need. He even offered to cook breakfast for me because I was leaving before the kitchen opened. I told him no, but that shows how he takes care of the hotel and the guest for the owners. My wife and I will always return to Sani.