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Your Smile Perfected: Benefit from Surgical Guides for Full Arch Dental Implants!

May 26th to 26th 2023

At Sani Dental Group we want to keep providing you with the best attention when coming to our clinic to get dental treatment.

We have now incorporated cutting-edge surgical guides into our full-arch dental implant procedures. These guides will help your dentist plan out the placement of the implants resulting in a more precise procedure.

Bone contouring surgical guides are highly recommended to use in complex cases that require a high level of precision as they guarantee an adequate distribution of the implants.

These guides offer multiple benefits, transforming the way we approach dental implant procedures.

Benefits include:

  • They’re Custom-Made

Using CAD/CAM technology, a personalized surgical guide will be requested by your dentist to fit your needs and your jaw anatomy.

  • Improved Precision and Predictability

The custom-made implant surgical guide ensure accuracy during the dental implant procedure, thanks to slots that work as a reference for your doctor for implant placement, leading to superior aesthetic results.

  • Time-Saving and Minimized Post-Surgery Complications

Another great benefit is that they help reduce considerably the time your dentist will take performing the operation. Additionally, the use of a surgical guide will also reduce the margin of risk for post-operation complications.

You can enjoy this effective addition to your dental implants mexico treatment free of charge for a limited time only!

For more information about surgical guides for full arch dental implants get in contact with us at (928) 257-1307, one of our patient coordinators will gladly assist you and help you with any questions you might have.