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The peak of dentistry technology – CJ Optik Flexion advanced microscope.

June 15th to 15th 2022

Being attended by a dental clinic that’s interested in top-notch technology is a must – the needs of patients are ever-changing, and cosmetic and restorative dentistry are at their peak when it comes to the diversity of offered treatments.

However, high-demanding procedures demand extreme precision and attention from the dentist. This type of surgery, if performed without care, may lead to extreme complications later, which tend to become the root of other problems related to oral health.

The CJ-Optik Flexion advanced microscope aims to aid dentists in assuring the best results that they can offer to their patients while also bringing avant-garde, groundbreaking innovations to the world of dentistry technology.

What makes this microscope, in particular, stand out from the rest of its peers are its innovations, such as:

·         Advanced optical design – which offers a superior quality of the image when compared to other microscopes of the same type, allowing an easier, better color detection and structure details.

·         A perfect illumination system, making it easier for the dentist to see the operation site.

·         An avant-garde system that allows a crystal-clear image focus.

·         Controls at your fingertips – with the ergonomic placement of these machine’s controls, all of the microscope's functions will be immediately able for you to manipulate.

·         Great adaptability to modern cameras, permitting better documentation and pictures to be taken.

The cost of dental work in Mexico makes world-standard dentistry available for patients from all around the world at more affordable prices. For only $320 USD, you can have an endodontic microscope-assisted procedure with us. Don’t hesitate on having dental work in Mexico done by certified professionals.

To experience the wonders of microscope-assisted endodontic surgery, schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Los Algodones - Sani Dental Group is on the lookout to improve the world and rewrite the definition of dental patient care in any way we can.

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