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A Guide to Success: Dental Surgical Guides

September 17th to 17th 2021

Dental implants are a pretty common practice in dentistry; nobody’s exempted from suffering an injury or getting their teeth damaged. If you’ve gone through any of the aforementioned situations, then that’s when dental implants come into place.

Dental implants are used as a last resort replacement if your teeth find themselves in a state beyond salvation. In order to guarantee the success of a dental implant procedure, dental surgical guides are used.

            What happens if you need a dental implant, though? If you’re in the need of one, then you’ll find this info. useful.

Dental Implant Surgical Guides: What Are They Used For?

        Dental surgical guides are instruments that allow a dental surgeon to fit the dental implant right into the place where it needs to go; they’re used in a pre-planned location. These guides are done using digital, imaging software using intraoral scan impressions of the site as a reference, allowing full customization and tailor-made quality.

        Dental surgical guides look like a plastic, crystal-clear retainer; they’re placed on a patient’s teeth for the surgeon to find the exact location of where the dental implant needs to go.

The many benefits of dental implants surgical guides:

        Dental surgical guides are a direct response to the hassles and many problems that conventional dental implant surgical practices come with; those methods would make the whole procedure take longer and make it harder for the doctor to place the implants in the right place, thus making the success rate lower.

            In order to prevent surgical disasters (such as placing a dental implant incorrectly and causing patients different oral health problems), dental surgeons opted to create these tools.

            Dental surgical guides have plenty of benefits, such as:

·         Help the surgeons place dental implants accurately and in the correct locations.

·         Help dentists perform faster surgeries as the location processes are eliminated completely.

·         They help give the dental surgeons confidence, as surgical guides lead to a better outcome for the surgery.

·         Make the whole surgery easier for the patient, as they won’t have to wait for long for the surgery to be over.

·         Each dental surgical guide is custom-made, raising the rate of success on each procedure.

Types of dental implant surgical guides:

            There are different types of surgical guides, a few of which are:

·         Non-limiting designs, which only provide a surgeon with the location in which the dental implant is going to be installed.

·         Partially limiting design, which directs the first drill used for osteotomy, but the rest of the procedure is done using a freehand technique.

·         Completely limiting design, which eliminates the need for a freehand technique.

Surgical guides in your dental implant treatments

        Sani Dental Group keeps bringing the latest in top-quality dental procedures by assuring success in every single treatment. The use of CAD/CAM technology allows us to create top-notch surgical guides for all of our patients that need a dental implant.

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