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Sani Dental Group was part of the First Binational Health Tourism Event.

September 27th to 27th 2021

            Tijuana is now the home of a new annual convention called Binational Encounter for Health Tourism; this convention specializes in the promotion of new ideas and advancements that different doctors and health specialists come up with to improve medical tourism in the region.

            Alejandro Gutierrez Solorzano, Sani Dental Group’s COO, participated in the second specialist panel of this convention. Each panel consisted of a group of specialists being asked a set of questions about their fields and how they contribute to the development and growth of this phenomenon with their actions.

            Sani Dental Group’s COO stated that every action that Sani Dental Group takes is directed towards the improvement of medical tourism. We’re deeply committed to bringing a top-quality brand of service by creating a new way of showing professionalism.

            We’re aware that the needs of an international patient need to be met to bring a unique and nice experience to every person that steps into our offices. Every patient should be an ambassador for all the different brands that Sani Dental Group offers.

            The group of professionals was asked if they were aware of how people that were foreign to Mexico saw medical tourism; Sani Dental Group recognizes that this phenomenon is backed by not only the health professionals but by hospitals, hotels, transport companies, and other sectors.

            These tourism sectors should also consider that their work should live up to the patient’s expectations to bring a good service.

            Sani Dental Group’s COO stated that medical tourists are always on the lookout for familiar traits in the places that they visit or resort to for medical tourism. Baja California has adapted to the needs of American patients, almost turning into an extension of the USA culturally speaking, becoming a perfect example of how foreign patients are always looking for familiar traits in the places that they go to for medical tourism.

            The last question of the panel was about how this set of professionals visualized the short-term future regarding medical technology and its advancements. Sani Dental Group’s COO foresees the future of medicine as a matter of the industry-changing focus rather than just backing everything up online.

            Alejandro stated that the industry should lean more towards the realization of campaigns for the prevention of diseases rather than just coming up with a solution for the numerous issues that a patient can show.

            The panel was closed off after this set of questions; each participant received their presentation card in the form of a metal sheet and was greeted and thanked for their participation.