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Sani Dental Group Signs Collaboration Agreement with CECyTE Vicente Guerrero

November 4th to 4th 2022

Recently, Sani Dental Group general manager, Luis Martin Estrada reunited with Principal Alma Delia Valenzuela from the Vicente Guerrero campus of the Colegio de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos de Baja California (CECyTE BC) to sign a collaboration agreement.

This agreement will help to expand the school's Dual Education with Training in School and Company (EDUAL) program, benefitting its students.

The agreement is aimed to strengthen the professional development offerings so that the students can incorporate successfully into the productive sector.

By participating in this program, students will be able to divide their time between school and the company, allowing them to put into practice the knowledge they have obtained during their classes.

The students will also have the opportunity to develop their skills, as well as develop their professional abilities, as they will gain experience in the field of work, which will increase their chances of finding employment in the future.

Having the opportunity to work with this educational institution as part of their commitment to helping students be successful citizens in their community is something our team is extremely proud of.