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Sani Dental Group Chief Operating Officer attends FIT Salud Cuba

October 18th to 18th 2022

We are pleased to announce that Alejandro Gutierrez, our Chief Operating Officer, was invited to attend and participate in the first International Medical and Wellness Tourism Fair held in Havana, Cuba, representing Sani Medical Tourism.

This event, organized by the Cuban Ministry of Health and Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A., in which the main purpose is to exhibit the products, experiences, and advances in the health tourism field in Cuba and the world to strengthen alliances and open new routes for the sustainable development of this field.

Professionals from the health and tourism sectors, organizations, international hospitals and clinics, medical suppliers, and others related to this industry were invited to this important event.

At the same time, the first International Seminar on Medical and Wellness Tourism is also taking place, to exchange knowledge on health tourism in Cuba and the world.

Our COO participated during this seminar in a panel on the Health Tourism Business Management Model, where he spoke on the topic of Business Management Processes for Dental Clinics, along with other speakers from countries such as Germany and Cuba.

The International Medical and Wellness Tourism Fair will be taking place from October 17 to the 20th of the present year.

Taking part in such an important event is a great achievement and an exciting opportunity for professional growth, and we are happy to congratulate Alejandro Gutierrez for participating in it.