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Sani Dental Group at the Annual Yuma Sun Winter Visitor Event

December 8th to 8th 2021

Sani Dental Group is glad to have been part of the 21st annual Yuma Sun Winter Visitor Welcome Back Event; this event took place in Yuma’s Civic Center on December 8th, 2021.

This event is done annually, but last year’s edition was suspended due to the sanitary crisis that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, they resumed their activities, inviting attendees back to enjoy local business demonstrations, vendors, prizes, & fun.            

The purpose of this event is to inform snowbirds and foreigners who have moved to the Sonoran desert region about what Yuma, Arizona as a whole, and parts of Baja and Sonora have to offer.         

Snowbird is a term coined for people who have moved from colder parts of the world, mostly the northern parts of North America, to warmer, hotter parts of the South.


Arizona and the Sonoran desert region are worldwide destinations for people who want to change to hotter weather and escape the cold. Most of these snowbirds are looking for comfortable, easy-going ways of life.

Sani Dental Group wanted attendants to know that they can do anything it takes for patients to be able to smile again by offering them high-quality treatments at affordable prices.

A brief description of our services, treatments, and prices was given to anyone who approached our stand requesting information.