US-Mexico Border Reopening

The Los Algodones border crossing hours have returned to their normal schedule: opening at 06:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM California time for all travelers, including non-essential travelers. If you have any questions or doubts, please reach us at (928)-257-1307

Our Main Clinic Modernizes Facilities

For most people, Sani Dental Group Alamo is the perfect fit, however, we know how important comfort and quality means to our patients. So, we keep working every day to improve our services and facilities to meet our patient’s necessities.

With our new and improve the building, we modernize the way we see dental clinics, we also incorporate the latest technology in dental equipment to provide a quicker and efficient treatment.

We welcome you to visit our facilities located on the main street of Los Algodones, Alamo St, and try our services, you’ll be amazed by Sani Dental Group's quality.

Our patient’s satisfaction will always be our top priority. We will keep working to meet our patient’s necessities.