US-Mexico Border Reopening

The Los Algodones border crossing hours have returned to their normal schedule opening at 06:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM California time for all travelers, including non-essential travelers. If you have any questions or doubts about how this could affect your dental appointment, please call us at (928)-257-1307

Our dental implant offering continues to grow with the DIO Implant UF

August 12th to 12th 2021

At Sani Dental Group, we have the widest variety of dental implants in Mexico to meet each of our patient's unique needs.

Our offer continues to grow now with the DIO Implant UF.

The UF Implant promotes osseointegration and long-term stability. Its design with conical cords and threads on the top of the implant allows the distribution of tension as well as sufficient blood flow in the bone, promoting the formation of new bone.

Its length helps to reduce bone damage and allows its placement with great stability.

With this new implant and the different types of implants we have in our dental office, we can provide our patients with the dental solutions they need at an affordable price, with implants that cost as low as $750.

Patients can even have their entire smile restored with full mouth restoration procedures with All on 4 Implants or an implant-supported bridge.

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