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The Los Algodones border crossing hours have returned to their normal schedule opening at 06:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM California time for all travelers, including non-essential travelers. If you have any questions or doubts about how this could affect your dental appointment, please call us at (928)-257-1307

Our D.D.S Marla Garcia Patiño earns a DIO certification.

April 8th to 8th 2022

We believe that the education of our dentists is vital for the constant improvement of their expertise. This refinement of skills allows our staff to be up-to-date with the latest technology in dentistry, thus ensuring the best results possible in each and every procedure that they perform

We’d like to congratulate our D.D.S Marla Garcia Patiño for her participation in the latest course about the full-arch restoration procedure – everything from diagnosis to surgery and prosthesis – with the use of DIO digital solutions.

A full arch procedure restoration consists of restoring a patient’s denture with the use of dental implants, dentures, etc. It’s used in cosmetic dentistry for full smile makeovers, recreating and replacing multiple teeth that are heavily damaged or have been removed.

We’ll continue to support our dentists’ professional evolution – Sani Dental Group is proud of each and every one of the achievements that allow them to enhance their abilities and guarantee surgery outcomes that meet our patients’ expectations. Our patients’ well-being will always be at the forefront of all of our operations.


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