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New Electronic Migration Checks Will Be Introduced at Cancun International Airport

October 10th to 10th 2022

Airport officials at the Cancun International Airport have recently announced the introduction of e-Gate, a new electronic migration protocol to make entering the country easier for visitors coming from the United States and Canada, as travelers from these countries make up the majority of the international visitors in this area.

If you’re making plans for a dental vacation Cancun, here’s how this new system will work:

The kiosks will use optical readers to scan the travelers’ passports in just a few seconds and they will gather and process passenger data.

The whole process will take approximately 30 seconds. The passengers have to first scan their passports and their boarding cards at the kiosk. Then, after the machine reads their documentation, they will pass through the electronic gate, where their picture and biometric data will be taken.

After this, the travelers’ information will be checked on international databases, if everything’s correct and in order, they will be able to access the country.

The main goal of this system is to help the airport handle the growing number of passengers, including during the low season. The installation works for these machines have already begun and it is planned that its implementation begins this winter.

With the implementation of this new system, travelers will be able to enter the country more easily and quickly, and will replace the migration forms that they had to fill out to enter upon entering Mexico.

Now when flying to Mexico for dental work, visitors will be able to enter without too much trouble, just have the necessary documentation ready and you’ll be ready in no time.  

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