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Name Brand Implants From Our Clinic

January 26th to 26th 2022

Sani Dental Group is known to be the #1 clinic for dental implants in Mexico; we’ve got the best technology for this type of procedure. We’ve also got the best dental implant cost in Mexico.

We’re happy to show the different types of dental implants that we got to fit any of our patient’s needs, desires, and situations in general.

Our different types of dental implants:

We offer a wide variety of teeth implants in Mexico, such as:

Dynamic paltop

An implant with the objective of providing great stability. It allows for quick implant placement due to the strong, active apex and sturdy threads that it features. It helps with the prevention of bone loss.

BHI Shark

Its main objective is to help the preservation of bone while having the ability to adapt to different bone types. This implant also provides great stability due to the apex that it compresses the bone to.


An implant that stands out due to its wide diameter and design. Its main objective is to provide great strength and support. The wonders of this implant rely on the fact that it can be used in any area (front or back teeth); it’s usually used on patients who have a jawbone with lower density.


This type of implant aims to produce long-term stability with greater osseointegration. The design that this implant offers allows for a better distribution of tension and sufficient blood flow to the bone, thus allowing bone to form. It allows for more stable placement and reduces the possibility of damaging the bone.

Nobel BioCare

One of the most popular brands for dental implants out there. Its adaptability and quality makes it a great candidate for any procedure such as a single implant or for more complex treatments such as bridges, All-On-4 or All-On-6, etc.


Straumann implants are a great high-quality option for any type of dental implant procedure. Due to how they’re built, they prevent huge bone loss, tooth displacement, and any significant change in a person’s facial structure. They also help your other teeth preserve their health.

The starting price for an Algodones Dental Implants procedure in Sani Dental Group is $750 USD.

Teeth implants in Mexico: Where can I get them?

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