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International Charity Day at Sani Dental Group

September 17th to 17th 2021

Here at Sani Dental Group, we’re concerned with reassuring our commitment with the well-being of the community; we believe that it is our duty as an institution to do whatever is within our reach to bring aid to whoever might need it. We’re always looking to give something back to all of those people that have supported us in our 30+ years of creating and crafting perfect smiles.

Last month, Sani Dental Group visited Fratello por la Infancia A.C in Mexicali, Baja California. Fratello Por La Infancia A.C is a foster home dedicated to housing and raising young children and teenagers from different backgrounds; their mission is to give them the best opportunities to become the best version of themselves and fight against the adversities of life each day.  

All of the Sani Dental Group locations (Playa Del Carmen, Algodones and Mexicali) got together to dedicate all of their efforts into gathering enough resources to give away to Fratello Por La Infancia A.C as a donation. We believe that their mission is an admirable example of what it is to be dedicated to one’s craft and what it is like to create a welcoming environment for everybody; we wanted to help them out in hopes of allowing their activities to continue by bringing them a little support to their cause.

Sani Dental Group donated two tables on which the children/teenagers and members of the foster home could eat or do different activities on, different groceries, and money to help with the electricity bill expenses.

 We are  always looking to give back to the community in an effort to make them grow and help them out in whatever they need.