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Global Patient

July 8th to 8th 2022

Every year, thousands of patients from all around the world travel out of their home countries to have dental work done. This could be due to a lot of factors, such as the price-quality ratio being too unbalanced (for example, low or mid-quality dental jobs at excessive prices), or not having access to the treatments they want or need.

Having to resort to leaving your home country - even if it’s for a brief period – to have any medical work done is intimidating. There aren’t many things that may assure you that you’ll get what you expect, except for what other medical tourists have to say about their experiences.

However, we believe that having credentials as a dental clinic is important for patients to feel safe – we do our best to excel at our work by working alongside other groups and partners that want to expand the reach of world-standard medical and dental care. Even if dental costs in Mexico are considerably low when compared to other countries, the quality of the outcome is not jeopardized at all.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve won multiple Global Patients’ Choice Awards since 2019. This award ceremony is held by Dental Departures, and gives patients a space to choose the dental clinics that they trust the most.

Our dedication to patient care is shown in how serious we take their needs and objectives – the world of dentistry is ever-changing, and investing in technology, a team of specialists in different branches and disciplines, as well as in keeping our clinics and locations updated and in focus points is a must.

We’ll keep doing what we can and what we must to keep offering our exceptional, top-quality services to anyone who reaches out to us.

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