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Before and After: Creating a Beautiful Smile from Scratch

November 19th to 19th 2021

            Sani Dental Group is always committed to assuring nothing but the best dental work in Mexico. Our dental staff is always looking out to improve their skills in their different fields of dentistry; our dentists have studied in the most prestigious dental schools both in Mexico and the US.

            Our customers’ smiles are proof of how dedicated we are to perfecting our craft and bringing the best to our patients; we’ve been careful to document the process of many of our patients and their journey through designing and building their new, beautiful #SaniSmile.

            We’d like to introduce a new section to our website: pics taken before and after dental surgeries.

What to expect:

            The purpose of this site is to show how our patients’ smiles were before we intervened in crafting their new, gorgeous #SaniSmile, and how our staff’s efforts played a huge role in completely transforming our patients’ dentures.

            We’re proud of being able to share this new section of our site for you to experience and witness how surgery cannot only change your smile but change your life as a whole.

            If you’d like to visit this site, please click here to be redirected.

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