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YUMA 100th Birthday

Do you love your birthday? Remember which one is your favorite birthday? Was it the guest, the gift, the food, what made it special? Many of remember special dates or birthdays; what makes them unique varies if you are a child, young adult or an adult.

Children want their birthdays to be special and ways their birthday can be extra special is by making a surprise party. Maybe a parent or older sibling takes the child out do an “errand” and once the child is away decorate the house with the party theme, add many balloons and have their favorite meal ready. If the child will be at school, why not them a kid-friendly breakfast; if they pack a small lunch let’s make them a note, something that express our love and wishes for them and to have a great day. During the party nothing makes a child party special, like having his/her parents present, love ones and dreams all present in one space. What made your birthday special? Tell us.

For adults celebrating a birthday is different. Adults tend to have a mucho busier life than children, to make their birthday special the surprise effect is needed, making them feel like kings, balloons and of course a great gift. “After coming from work one day my wife surprise me with a birthday party,” – say Vicent * - “what made this party memorable was that I was not expecting it. Normally I know what she is making and who will attend; however that year was different, she totally surprises me. My wife took care of all the details; she went as far as calling friends and relatives that I had not seen in a while. Out of all my birthdays, this is one of the most special ones.”

Soon a very special birthday will take place; YUMA 100 birthday will be celebrated. Some of the things one can expect are the following:

  • Monday 04-07

    • Mayor Doug Nicholls and Arizona Governador Jan Brewer will be present to light up the New Main Street
  • Tuesday 04.08

    • Community Western Wear
    • Take out your sombrero, boots and jacket, is cowboy time.
    • Salvation Army Barbecue
    • Love barbecue? Then you must be a part of YUMA 100 Birthday BBQ
  • Wednesday 04.09

    • 100 Year Photo Display
    • Get a glimpse into YUMA past
  • Thursday 04.10

    • Community Photo
    • Be a part of the break of two Guinness Book of World Record
    • Fireworks!!!
    • Relax and join us in this spectacular sky show.
  • Friday 04.11

    • History of Yuma Block Party
    • Celebrated YUMA 100 Birthday with the block
    • Enjoy spending time with your family and love one and seeing all the cites
  • Saturday 04.12

    • Taco Festival and Centennial Music Fest

Will you join us? Remember is not every day you can celebrate YUMA 100 Birthday and after reading all the great things that will occur why not join in the celebration. While there, if you are experiencing any dental problems why not visit Los Algodones, at Sani Dental Group, we offer affordable dental health plans.
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