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Your Toothbrush and Its many Uses

We thank you our beloved reader for continuing to follow us, can you believe it we have together for more than a year. Toothpaste can be used for multiple things, in a previous post we mention to our readers and followers 10 Different uses For Toothpaste, Other than Brushing your Teeth.
Today after using your toothbrush many of us through it to the trash, but for this week tips we would like to offer you a few simple and curious tips on what to do with your toothbrush once its no longer useful. After your toothbrush has defended your teeth, has prevented gingivitis, bad breath, dry mouth or many other oral diseases.

A Comb for your Eyebrows

Using a clean and dry toothbrush to brush your eyebrows is an excellent way to give them the shape you want. After using tweezer to remove the extra hairs, you can comb your eyebrows with your old toothbrush and gently shape them into perfection.


After combing your hair there is nothing will that will make you more mad that having those short rebels hairs getting up and ruin your hairstyle. One solution, apply a little spray, gel or other hair products on your toothbrush and then comb those rebels hairs. You will notice that subside much easier.

Lengthens Eye Lashes

Before adding mascara, you can comb your eye lashes upward with a clean toothbrush. Afterwards apply mascara and then once again comb them with the toothbrush, this will remove any lumps of mascara and make them look larger.

Silver Cleaner

Do you have silver jewelry that is not as shiny as it used to be? In addition to using toothpaste, you can use your old toothbrush to softly rub and scrub your jewelry back to perfection. Once finish you can rinse thoroughly letting your jewelry shine.

Nail Polisher

Adding some coconut oil on your toothbrush tips and rubbing it on your nails will make them look brighter and smoother. Once you finish polishing them you can rinse them with warm water.

Spot Remover

Did you spill ink or a beverage and ruin and area of your shirt/dress? Instead of washing the entire piece, scrub specific areas with your old toothbrush. By directly scrubbing with your toothbrush and utilizing cleaning products, you will be able to remove stains without the need of damaging the entire fabric.

To Exfoliate your Lips

With a clean toothbrush gently rub your lips before applying makeup, the use of a toothbrush will remove dead cells and make them look thicker and smoother.

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