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Why Sani Dental Group is the #1 Clinic in Los Algodones?

When starting searching for a good dental clinic, it's very important to have the confidence that it's a good one. This is especially difficult when dental work in your place of residence is very expensive. Nowadays, thousands of people visit Mexico every day looking for high-quality dental work at affordable prices.

One of the main destinations to get dental treatments is Los Algodones, also known as Molar City. In this little town, there are around 300 dental clinics offering dental work. Sani Dental Group algodones mexico is one of them and has been working day by day to give their patients the dental services they deserve.

The Largest Dental Clinic in The Area

Sani Dental Group this year took place as the #1 Clinic in Los Algodones. There are a lot of reasons why we received this recognition. Here are some of the most important you should consider at the moment of making a decision.

  1. Two clinics in town

As we mentioned previously, we're the largest dental group in this little town of Los Algodones located on the border with the United States. It is always a plus to have a clinic that's easy to find, that's why we have two clinics that offer the same prices and procedures.

One clinic is Sani Dental Group Main Clinic located on the main street, Alamo St., three blocks away from the border, and Sani Dental Group Platinum just a few blocks ahead from the first.

  1. Certified doctors

Molar City is known to be a bilingual town and it's so attached to the United States culture that communication won't be a problem as almost everyone in town is bilingual. Most of the doctors in this area are highly certified and specialized in different areas of dentistry. In our clinics, more than 30 doctors are qualified to perform any procedure.

Their extraordinary work is supported by many years of studies, courses, and conferences around the country.

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  1. High-technology

Our clinics have the top technology to make dental work as easy as possible for our patients, which gives our doctors and surgeons the best tools to perform any treatment in a safe way. This is one of the many reasons why we're known to perform dental work of the best quality worldwide.

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  1. Shuttle service

Because we want to bring the best service to our patients, we offer shuttle service. When our patients arrive at Yuma International Airport or need transportation from the border, we have for them a shuttle service with no additional cost. The only requirement is that the service needs to be scheduled 48 hours prior to the appointment. 

  1. Promotions

Besides from getting a smile back, travel to a new quiet destination designed for all patient’s needs, saving money is another benefit. In Sani Dental Group you can save around 70% on dental work compare to the United States and Canada’s prices.

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  1. Up to 5 year warranty

The best dental clinics in Los Algodones guarantee their work. Because patient’s comfort and assurance after a dental treatment are one of our main concerns, patients can go home feeling safe knowing their work is covered by a warranty up to 5 years, with no additional charge.

  1. We Have Over 35 Dental Chairs

Even though hundreds of patients visit us every week, that doesn't mean that patients need to wait too long to set up an appointment. We have over 35 dental chairs and more than 30 doctors at our clinics, qualified enough to improve the oral health with the best dental care algodones mexico.

  1. Patient coordinators

Traveling for dental work is amazing, but having the help of an expert, the experience can be even better. Our team of patient coordinators can assists in everything our patient needs, from scheduling an appointment to resolving any doubts and to let them know about our current promotions.

Also, they can help with hotel booking and with shuttle service.

  1. Find Sani Medical Next Door

Our friends from Sani Medical are located next to us and have the latest technology and equipment that will help you achieve the health state and quality of life that you deserve. They specialize in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and general surgery, helping improve the look, health, and well-being of their patients.


  1. Accredited by the GCR

This year Sani Dental Group earned the Global Clinic Rating certification due to its outstanding score in four implant pillars: facilities, standards, expertise, and patient feedback. Thanks to the analysis made, the GCR concluded that Sani Dental Group is the Number One Dental Clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico when it comes overall international clinic reputation in 2018.

We're sure you're now convinced why Sani Dental Group is the #1 Clinic in Los Algodones and why you should choose Sani Dental Group. 

Give us a call at (928) 257-1307 or through WhatsApp at +52 (984) 143-9777, our team of patient coordinators is completely qualified to answer all of your questions and guide you through all your experience. We're waiting for you!