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What kind of crown is best for front teeth?

What kind of crown is best for front teeth?

         It was a hot summer morning back in your younger years; the birds were chirping, the weather was better than most summer days, and you decided to hit the park with your friends to have a game of basketball and cool yourselves off afterward with a glass of iced tea that your mother had just made. Everything seemed to be going alright.

            The game was on; your team had the advantage and all you had to do was catch that pass and score the last point to win the match. You throw the ball and expect it to land into the basket, but it bounces off of the board. You try catching the ball, but the sun hits your eyes.

            That wonderful summer evening turns into a bad one when you notice that one of your front teeth broke off after the ball hit you in the mouth. You go back home running to your parents because, let’s face it, having that happen to you is scary.

            Your parents start looking for options and opt to have you get a dental crown. The dental crown cost in Mexico seems to be friendly and affordable for them and your family and you take a trip down to Los Algodones. You get back home with a new smile; it seems as if nothing happened to any of your teeth.

            Years pass and you decide to meet up with your childhood friends for a night out in the city; while having dinner and reminiscing about that basketball match incident you had back when you were a kid, you start chewing on something that does not feel like the pasta you ordered.

            Your crown fell off, and all of those memories came back. However, you remember that the dental crown cost in Los Algodones is low when compared to the prices in other places.

            You might be wondering what a crown is; you’ve heard about them before and how wonderful they are, but you probably don’t have an idea of what they do or how. Let us help you dive into the marvelous world of dental crowns.

What are dental crowns?

         Dental crowns are used for patients who have lost a tooth partially and don’t need a full replacement (which can be done with dental implants), and for those whose dental fillings haven’t worked for them.

            Not only do teeth get damaged by accidents; age, use, and other factors can contribute to that. Dental crowns are caps that are placed on a tooth after it has been reshaped to have them fit.

            Dental crowns are made to look harmonious with other teeth, which means that they won’t stand out when compared to the rest of your denture. They look, feel and work just like real teeth.

            Dental crowns can be made out of different materials such as metal and ceramic; zirconium and E-MAX crowns are both made out of ceramic.

            Zirconia and E-MAX crowns are usually preferred by patients due to how they look; also, some patients tend to experience general discomfort or allergies with metal crowns and implants.

The advantages of E-max crowns

            E-MAX crowns are the latest option for ceramic dental crowns. Those looking to get this type of dental crown to choose it because:

·         E-MAX crowns are more durable and resistant than zirconia crowns;

·         Their color is closer to fit with the rest of your teeth due to their material;

·         They eliminate the risk of getting a metal-related allergy as they’re made out of ceramic.

Dentists prefer those types of crowns because they’re way easier to work with than metal crowns due to the materials they’re made out of, and how patients react so well to them.

What are dental crowns used for?

            As we stated before, teeth can experience damage in many ways, not just by breaking or chipping.

            Dental crowns are there to help correct some issues, as well as complement other treatments and solutions.

            Some of their uses are:

-       They serve as protection for teeth that are already damaged, and to prevent the damage from getting any worse;

-       They work as replacements for teeth that are completely missing. They’re screwed onto a dental implant;

-       They’re set onto teeth that are decaying, worn, or damaged to correct them esthetically.

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Dental crowns: Step-by-step

            It is important to note that getting a dental crown could require two or three visits to the doctor’s office, depending on what is to be done and corrected with the crown.

Most of the time, these are a few of the steps that can be taken:

-       Your doctor will make the required examinations, such as taking X-rays to check the state of your gums, the roots of the tooth, and any bone surrounding it.

-       If there is a risk of getting an infection or injury to the pulp, your doctor may advise you to get a root canal before getting any other treatment.

-       You’ll have the tooth and the surrounding gum tissue anesthetized so your dentist can reshape it; if a critical area of the tooth is missing, your dentist will use resin to fill out the area to build a supporting structure for the crown;

-       Your doctor will make impressions of your teeth using a digital scanner (such as the Camscanner 9600) to make sure that the crown’s dimensions won’t affect your bite or the rest of your denture;

-       A dental crown will be made following the right specifications, such as the impressions taken by your dentist and the color that resembles your teeth the most.

-       A temporary crown could be installed and used during the time in which the permanent crown is made.

-       Once the permanent crown is ready, your dentist will place it onto the damaged tooth. It’ll be held in place with a special type of cementing material used in dentistry.

If you’re experiencing any discomfort or problems (such as it getting chipped, loose, or having it fall altogether) with your new crown, you should get back to your dentist so she/he can guide you and assist you.

Dental crowns are durable and can last up to 15 years if the patient is wary about their oral hygiene. Nonetheless, the use and wear to which the crown is exposed affect its life span.


Where can I get a dental crown?

         Dental crowns are among the most popular dental esthetic treatments and are a commonly-performed procedure on people of all ages. Losing a tooth shouldn’t be shameful, as it is something that nobody is exempt from happening to them. Getting a dental crown is an improvement to the quality of both your smile and life.

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