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What is the cost of Dentures in Mexico? Updated 2024

With the introduction of new teeth replacement options such as dental implants, one might think that dentures are no longer a reliable option to restore missing teeth.

In reality, dentures are a practical and cost-effective solution, especially for patients who may not be suitable candidates for dental implants or prefer a less invasive treatment.

Moreover, the cost of dentures in mexico is often more affordable compared to other countries such as the United States and Canada.

If you are considering dentures and are comparing prices, it is important to carefully learn about the factors involved in the cost of this treatment.


What influences the cost of dentures in mexico?

You might have heard that in general dental work in Mexico is more affordable compared to other countries, and you might wonder how they can have such a price.

At Sani Dental Group, you can get full dentures at a starting price of 320 USD. It is important to understand what influences the cost of this dental solution.

Types of Dentures

To start, the price of this dental appliance will mainly depend on the type of denture you are getting. Each type involves different materials and processes that will also have an impact on the cost.

Traditional Full Dentures

Traditional dentures consist of an entire arch of artificial teeth set in a gum-colored base that rests on your gums, replacing the missing teeth.

They stay in place through a combination of factors, including the fit, suction, and support provided by the surrounding tissues.

Compared to the cost of permanent dentures in mexico, traditional dentures can be more affordable as they don’t involve the placement of dental implants.

It is worth knowing that the cost can vary depending on the material they’re made of, the number of adjustments, and the work required.


Partial Dentures

In contrast to full dentures, partial dentures are designed to replace missing teeth while some natural ones remain. They consist of artificial teeth attached to a framework that clasps onto the remaining teeth.

They are also removable for cleaning and maintenance, making them a convenient and practical option.

Their price is also between the most affordable options, but it can also vary depending on what material they’re made of, and the number of teeth replaced.

If you are looking for cost-effective removable dentures in Mexico, factors like los algodones dentist prices may also come into play, making it worthwhile to compare options to find the most suitable and budget-friendly treatment for restoring your smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

As their name states, this type of denture is stabilized and anchored by dental implants.

According to the paper “Implant Overdenture - A Review to Highlight the Concept” published in the HSOA Journal of Dentistry, this type of denture has a remarkable biting force and chewing efficiency when compared to traditional complete dentures.

Implant-supported dentures can be fixed or removable and are a great option for those patients who have enough jawbone to undergo implant surgery.

Commonly, removable dentures of this type are known as snap-on or snap-in dentures.

The implants used for snap-on dentures have special attachments that easily snap onto the dentures. This allows you to remove them whenever you need to.

Snap-on dentures usually require around 2 to 4 dental implants.

Fixed dentures involve a complete set of artificial teeth attached to dental implants, making them permanent. This procedure needs from 6 to 8 implants.

The snap on dentures cost can usually be lower compared to fixed dentures due to the number of implants used for each one.


Affordable Smiles in Mexico

If you are exploring affordable dental care options, the costs offered in different destinations in Mexico such as the cost of dentures in algodones mexico can be a compelling solution.

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