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What I Did on my Summer Vacation

I heard about Los Algodones a few years ago. Some of my friends used to go there on winter to escape from the cold. "Snow Birds" is how they call them. They told me about the place, the weather, and the low price of dental services. Anyway, the idea of traveling to Mexico caused me anxiety, I've never been a traveler. Even in my youth, the complications of taking a trip seemed to me too hard. I preferred not to bother about it.

But you know, sometimes one doesn't want something but life obligates you to take it. I started to feel a lot of pain in my teeth. My dental health never worried me at all, so I thought that it was normal. I was getting old, maybe the pain was something that came with the age. But the pain didn't stop, it increased. That wasn't all, I started to have extreme sensitivity with cold and hot liquids. Then was when I knew that I had a serious problem: I can stand the pain, but I cannot stand not having the pleasure of a cold beer. So I decided to do something about it.

I had never before needed to get any dental procedure, my teeth were always just fine. That's why when I visited the dentist and he told me that I needed a root canal, it really surprised me. But the biggest surprise came when he told me the price: it was insane! There was no way I could have that kind of money, so I didn't get the treatment. I thought that I could live with a little pain in my mouth, why not? But the pain increased day by day till it became insufferable.

It was evident to everyone that I was having a bad time. My friends and co-workers told me to fix my teeth, but I was ashamed of telling them that I didn't have the necessary money. Then I remembered what my friends told me about Los Algodones. I searched in Google about dental treatments in Mexico and I found that the prices were a lot more accessible. The prices were so much lower than in the US, that even including the flight and stay, I had the money to get my root canal.

So that's how I decided to spend my summer in Los Algodones. All my fears and anxieties left when I talked with one of the Sani's patient coordinators on the phone. She was so kind and gave me all the information that I requested (and I requested a lot). Even when I was worried about my stay, she told me about Hotel Hacienda Los Algodones, a lovely place where she made me a reservation. About the flight, she told me that they could drive me from the airport to the hotel. She had a solution to everything I needed.

When I arrived there, my anxieties came back. I was afraid of being in another country, that people couldn't understand me... I had an irrational fear of everything! But it all went when I knew the people there. Everybody speaks English, so I didn't have any trouble to communicate. They were all kind and made me feel safe. I didn't know what to expect about Los Algodones, but what I found was a lovely place full of people from all the world. On my first night there, I met a couple with whom I spent the night talking. I was having a great time.

Anyway, I still was going to get the treatment the next day, and that scared me. Literally, I didn't sleep that night thinking about it. But to my surprise, the fear left as soon as I did put a foot in the clinic. It was all clean and professional, and that made me feel safe. The dentist that attended me was patient and kind to answer all my doubts (and I had plenty). Everything he said tranquilized me, so when he started to put anesthesia, I had no more fear.

The procedure was less painful that I had thought. The dentist gave me all the recommendations for my recovery, and he told me that I wasn't going to have any trouble if I follow them. He sounded so secure that everything he said made all the sense to me. I spent two more nights in Hotel Hacienda Los Algodones, and every night I found someone from around the world interesting to talk to.

I have to say, my prejudices were a lot when I decided to go there, but when I was coming back, all they were gone. I'm so thankful of taking the decision of going there, and most of all, I'm really thankful to Sani. For me, making a trip like this was possible because of their assistance. Now my teeth don't hurt anymore and I have an experience that I can share with everyone around.

And when someone ask me if I will go back to Los Algodones? My answer is: always!