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What Does a Root Canal Fix?

Dental care is often overlooked by everyone; most people have the misconception that visiting the dentist’s office is only necessary when their teeth ache. Paying a visit to the dentist every now and then for a check-up can save you all the hassle that comes with any dental health-related issue, like infections.

Tooth infections are usually more common than we’re told that they can be. The pace with which we live our lives tends to be a huge factor in our dental care routines; fast food, poor hygiene habits, coffee, and alcohol consumption are just a few of the biggest challenges that our teeth have to face every day.

Infections can eventually lead to tooth loss if left untreated. However, root canal retreatment can help you avoid that. In this article, you’ll learn how a root canal works, how long is a root canal, and the root canal cost in Mexico.

Root Canal in Mexico

What are root canals?

In order for you to have a deeper knowledge of what a root canal is, we’re going to give you a brief overview of why an infection can take place and how.

Our mouth can store bacteria. This bacteria can usually migrate or move into our gums and teeth when any of those two is exposed. Cracked or chipped teeth (as well as teeth that have deep cavities) might get infected if exposed to such bacterial or decaying agents.

Infections, when ignored, can lead to serious issues; the pulp in our teeth (which is the central part of the tooth that is made up of tissue, vessels, cells, etc) could die, giving space for bone loss and tooth loss to occur. A root canal can avert that from happening.

Root canals are a method that dentists use on teeth that show signs of damage derived from infection. Instead of removing the said tooth, which would make you have to resort to getting a dental implant, a bone graft, and recur to other correction methods, dentists use a root canal to drain the infection from the pulp.


How does a root canal work?

Depending on the treatment plan that your dentist decides to follow, a root canal can take one or two visits. If the infection becomes hard to treat, you might need to schedule some additional appointments.

After cleaning the tooth and the surrounding area, an opening is made on your tooth, allowing access to the chamber in which your pulp is located. With the use of special instruments, any disease-ridden pulp is removed, as well as any infected pulp remnants.

Once the pulp chamber has been cleaned up correctly and properly dried, your dentist will fill the interior of your tooth using a paste and rubber compound and dental filling. This will protect your tooth from bacteria and decaying materials.

Due to the damage that your tooth has gone through, you’ll need a crown to cover it up. Don’t worry, your new crown will resemble the rest of your teeth. Only premium materials will be used in its crafting.

It’s important to note that your dentist’s specifications for your dental and oral hygiene should be followed to a tee to get the most out of this treatment and assure its duration and efficacy.

A root canal recovery time can last a few days. Sensitivity in the tooth in which the root canal was performed is normal, but if you’re feeling still feeling pain after a few days, get in contact with your dentist as soon as possible. Remember, leaving any dental issue unattended can lead to complications.


Root Canal Cost in Mexico

What’s the price for a root canal?

Root canals are a common procedure; it’s become commonplace for dentists to perform root canals almost every day.

One of the perks of being treated in Mexico is that you can get high-quality treatments at affordable prices. A root canal in the states can cost between $700 to $1200 for a single tooth; our starting price for one is $230 USD.

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