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What can a Customized Smile Design Do?

There’s nothing like smiling with confidence. Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their smile and have the idea that to improve it, they need extensive and very costly treatments. Besides, the thought of transforming your smile can be scary for some.

The smile design process allows you to achieve the best version of your smile, correcting a variety of dental issues and making it possible to see the results before the actual outcome.

Not pleased with your smile? Learn all about customized smile design, the treatments it involves, and the many benefits you can obtain.

Smile Design what is it?

With the smile design procedure, it is possible to achieve not only beautiful smiles but also functionality through one or more combined cosmetic procedures.

We know that each patient has different needs. One of the advantages of this procedure is that at the initial appointment with the cosmetic dentist, a tailored treatment plan is created to meet each individual’s demands. Another great advantage: it allows the patient to have a preview of the results through technological images.

This last advantage is a result of constant innovation in the dental industry. Nowadays, patients have a wide range of treatments to choose from and they expect high quality and reliable outcomes, and with good reason, we must remember that this is a health matter.

Being able to visualize the results prior to treatment gives patients greater confidence and allows them to discuss with their dentist what they expect from the procedure.

What can a Customized Smile Design Do?Customized-smile-design

The procedure enables to Harmonize aesthetically and functionally the mouth and face to achieve the symmetrical, flattering smile that everyone dreams of.

The dentist, together with the patient, will work out a plan that is tailored to each of their specific needs.

Taking into account the patient's age, sex, and characteristic features such as facial features, skin color, and hair color, as well as mouth characteristics such as teeth, lips, and gums.

Issues that a Customized smile design can correct:

1. Tooth Color and shade: Over time it is normal for teeth to stain or discolor. Unfortunately, this can make us look older.

Currently, several dental services can help to obtain a whiter and brighter smile. With the help of the dentist, you will decide which the best option is and color for your specific case.

Potential treatments include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and bonding.

2. Alignment of Teeth

For those who suffer from crooked teeth, there are options to fix it, including orthodontics.

However, minor tooth imperfections can be corrected with: dental crowns, bonding.

3. Lost Teeth

Having gaps within your teeth not only affects the appearance of your smile but also affects basic daily activities such as speaking and chewing. Besides, suffering from missing teeth can increase the risk of tooth loss.

Treatments to fix gaps in your smile include dental implants and dental bridges.

4. Harmony and Symmetry

Excess gum tissue and uneven gums are a problem for many people. This is fixable and it helps to achieve a better looking and balanced smile.

Possible treatments are gum contouring, bonding.

5. Fuller lips and smile

While the appearance of the teeth is the main part of a smile makeover, many patients seek to improve the symmetry and overall look of the entire face to achieve a more youthful and balanced appearance.

To address this some aesthetic procedures as well as oral and maxillofacial can be included.

Things You Should Know Before Smile Design

Before making any decision related to oral care, such as receiving dental work, it is a good idea to have as much information as possible about it, even before the first dental appointment.

In this first appointment, an evaluation and treatment plan will be carried out. You will be able to see through digital images the results you can obtain at the end of the treatment.

When minor cosmetic dentistry work is needed, it can usually be completed in this first visit. Otherwise, if more extensive work is required, such as the placement of implants and crowns, a second visit may be needed to conclude the treatment. In this second appointment, the final prostheses will be placed.

Another advantage of the procedure is that most patients can be candidates. If you want to change something about your smile, give it a more youthful appearance or simply make it appear healthier, it is the ideal procedure to invest in your oral health.

Smile Design Cost

The cost, as well as the duration of the procedure, varies depending on the extent of the customized smile design, as it can change according to the treatments and time involved.

To give you an idea of how much it might cost to get the smile you want, at our clinic this procedure is starting at $680 Usd. In case implants or crowns are needed the price will go up.

As we already mentioned, smile design has gained a lot of ground in dentistry, for its incredible results, that's why many clinics are offering it nowadays. What's the main difference? The cost.

In the U.S., the smile design studio procedure is priced between $10,000 and $30,000 Usd. So the cost is one of the main reasons why more people are choosing to visit a dentist in Mexico.

If you are considering this or any other dental treatment in Mexico, at Sani Dental Group we can help you. We answer FAQS about dentistry in Mexico here, we hope you find it useful.

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