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Welcoming 2015

A new year is upon us and Sani Dental Group wants to thank you. Thank for all the special and memorable moments we were able to spend together; whether it was at our dental clinic or at the many dental events held in Los Algodones and USA. Also, Sani Dental Group added a blogs site informing our readers of:

In addition to these, our dental clinic achieve several accomplishments in 2014.

Dental Departures – Global Patient’s Choice

Recently there has been an increase in the number of patients who seek affordable dental care outside of their local healthcare systems. For this reason an online facilitator has been form: Dental Departures.

Dental Departures is dedicated to you, our patients, their purpose is to offer you superior customer service in dental tourism. Every year an award is held, the "Global Patients' Choice” and in 2014 Sani Dental Group won this award.

Medical Tourism Association (MTA)

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) organizes annual congress, where a dedicated team of professionals worldwide meet to discuss Healthcare topics and the effects that medical tourism has in today’s societies.

Sani Dental Group was part of this exclusive congress, participating in the workshops offered at the event, enabling to refine their skills and see patients in a new perspective. 

With this new knowledge our dental clinics will be able to offer a better support and satisfy all of our patient’s needs

Los Algodones Welcome Party

The city of Los Algodones is internationally consider the capital of dental tourism and every year a Welcome Back Party is held, honoring very special guest the snowbirds. Every year, the city of Los Algodones, Mexico wants to welcome Canadian and American citizens to the town that has a special warmth for them.

With more than 200 dental clinics within a few blocks of the city, we know that visiting the city of Los Algodones can be overwhelming; but with a little investigation our visitor know that their best choice is visiting the largest dental clinic in town, Sani Dental Group.

Sani Dental Group

In the case of Sani Dental Group 2014 was a blessing we thank you, to our patients, our Newsletter subscribers and to our promoters for all you support, your love and help this past year.

Thanks to all of you, we were able to launch our blog site, we were able to create a monthly Newsletter promotional packages and we have now attend more than + 37,000 patient.

All these accomplishments have been possible thanks to you and in 2015 our dental clinic will offer you something new. Medi Plaza will open in 2015, offering our visitors everything in one place. Without a doubt, the idea of All in 1 will be redefine.

2014 is over and 2015 has begun, on behave of Sani Dental Group and all our employees we want to thank you for allowing us to be part of you. For trusting our professional dentist in taking care of your teeth, reconstructing your smile and confidence.

This upcoming year we promise to keep offering professional dental procedures with the highest levels of precision and care. For Sani Dental Group your oral health is our priority and in 2015 we want to continue making memories, restoring smiles, reducing the effects of oral diseases and overall being there for you when you most need us.