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Ways Green Tea can helps you Achieve Excellent Oral Health

Taking care of our body has never been easier than today, today one of the many tools we have to take care of our body is drinking an antioxidant tea. One of the most popular rich antioxidant drinks today is Green Tea. Green Tea contains compounds that can control inflammation and fight bacterial infections and through new research it has been discovered that green tea can offer many benefits to your oral health.

What does that mean for your mouth? We invite you to read our post and see several reasons of how Green Tea is good for your Oral Health.

Cavity Control

Our mouth are filled with bacteria and having a good cavity control can become difficult, to help us have a healthy oral cavity researchers recommend us to drink green tea.
Green Tea can help us controls bacteria levels and can lower saliva’s acidity, helping us prevent dental plaque and cavities.
In a recent study in Egypt, researchers tested a group of people before and after they gave their mouths a five-minute rinse with green tea; the results were interesting, the test subjects had less bacteria and acid in their mouths.

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Fights Bad Breath

Green tea will make your breath smell better! How is this possible? Better breath will likely be achieve because it kills the microbes that caused bad breath.
Through the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Dentistry measured the level of smelly compounds in people’s mouths after they were given green-tea; the final result, there smell great.

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Healthier Gums

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory power green tea can help you control periodontal (gum) disease.
In a recent Japanese’s survey, more than 1,000 men were ask how their gums felt after they drank green tea; their response, those who drank green tea regularly had healthier gums than those who didn’t.
In another study, in Germany, a similar positive result was achieve, when the researcher ask people how their mouth felt? After they had chewed candies containing green-tea extracts.

Prevents Cancer

Thanks to the antioxidants and other properties of green tea, your mouth and oral health will be protected against cellular damage and cancerous tumor growth.
In a recent study by the University of Texas, green-tea extract was given to patients with precancerous lesions in their mouths. The result, the green tea extract help slowed the progression to oral cancer.

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Prevents Tooth Loss

Imagine if green tea and its extracts can help you in all these areas prevent cavities and gum disease then it will help you keep your teeth. Drinking one or more cups of green tea a day will help you hold on to your natural teeth.

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