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A Chipped Tooth

An accident can happen at any moment; some can be mild damage to our body others can be harsher and even require professional assistance. Imagine you are playing American Football with your friends, you are a star on the field, but a member of the offensive team tackles you down and pain is felt everywhere.

The pain continues for a few days, when visiting the doctor he explains what areas were affected and also recommends you visit the dentist, during the diagnosis he observed that a tooth has chipped.

When you visit the doctor explains to you that during the encounter the fall causes your teeth to crack; he then removes the loose dental piece and explains to you the options that are available to treat this discomfort.

What causes a Tooth to Chipped?

Our teeth are some of the strongest bones in our body; however, even these calcified enamel structures can deteriorate and shatter. Our teeth can be compared to glass, strong and beautiful both and at the same time capable of break.

The American Dental Association (ADA) notes that “exposure of tooth enamel to temperature extremes, such as eating hot food and then drinking ice water,” increases the chance for a crack to occur. Also, many of us believe that all foods are safe to eat or chew. This is not true, chewing items like hard candy, ice cubes, or pretzels.

We know and understand that some of these habits can be irresistible, but if you would like to reduce the chance of a chipped or cracked tooth, resist the temptation.

Another reason for a tooth to chip is because of anxiety attacks. When someone has an anxiety attack, the person is prone to chew things like pens, pencils, and other items. This habit will put extra pressure on your teeth and in most cases soften enamel. The softening of enamel will have many consequences, among them a chipped tooth.

If you are into extreme trills or sports, remember to wear protection. Not only in your body but also in your mouth; remember what people first notice when they meet you is your smile. Protecting our teeth is important; our dentists in Sani Dental Group can provide you with treatment options to help you with the problem.

Treating a Chipped Tooth

Go to the dentist as soon as possible

  • The first hours after the accident are the most important. The more you wait, the greater the chance will be for an infection or tooth loss to occur.

Investigative what kind of break you suffer Save the broken/chipped piece if possible

  • Broken or chipped teeth are considered serious fractures.
  • A minor crack is less likely to create symptoms but should go untreated.

Stop bleeding, either by applying gauze or a bit of cold water

  • This step will prevent infections

Learn treatment options available

When facing an injury, one of the most important things one must keep in their mind is: what treatment is the best for me? The solution that works for your friend or family member might not have the same results for you and in some cases instead of fixing the problem; it will only make it worst, much worse.

The steps and procedures mentioned in this post are procedures available in the medical field; however, not all these treatments and procedures are performed at Sani Dental Group.

To confirm if this procedure is performed at our dental clinics, please contact us directly.

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