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Traveling Tips

Vacation time is finally here! Many of our readers enjoy the summer months to spend time with their loves and travel. Some decide to travel by plane other hit the road and reach beautiful destinations. The problem is that when traveling sometimes you can forget a few things, this week Sani Dental Group would like to provide you a few traveling tips, tips that are easy to digest and can help you have enjoy your trips to the fullest. We know these tips will make your trip enjoyable and especial; leaving in your memory an image that will forever in your mind.

Planning the Trip! :D

The first thing that you need to establish is; how are you going to travel? Are you traveling by plane or by car?

If you are planning to visit grandma by plane, you need to prepare a few things before you travel. Will your trip be “direct” or “nonstop”? A direct flight actually has several stops, during the flight the plane will stop in other airports on the way to their final destination. In a nonstop flight the aircraft will not make any intermediate stops. When buying the plane tickets, keeping these two things in mind: 1) buy the tickets under the exact name that appear in your ID and 2) select your seat correctly and fast. If you have disabilities or any special needs, selecting your seats is important. Before you reach the airport, confirm the documents that are required to enter the country.

Now if the plan you are planning will be through car, we recommend you to take these steps. If your trip will be a long drive, before you hit the road 66; get enough sleep and eat well.

Fact: the eating well tip does not mean consuming highly caffeinated beverages and/or potato chips.

Also before the trip begins; check the automobile in which you will be traveling and if you are going to travel to another country, double check the foreign document requirements and local laws. Following these traveling tips, will make your pleasurable and unique.

The Trip Begins: Air

The Packing Begins

The time to package things has started; this is a crucial moment, forgetting something or not meeting the requirements set by the airport can really damage your trip.

  • Purchase luggage that is unique different from the pack. If your suitcase is an unusual color, it is less like you will confuse your luggage.
  • Take disinfecting wipes and BYO blankets. Airport tray tables are usually dirty; taking items to disinfect them will make the difference. Also blankets and pillows are not always clean, as they are not washed after every stop.
  • Personally check your luggage, before you leave the airport. With new and constant changes in security requirements– you may lose items that airport security consider “dangerous”.

While on the Airport

You have finally packed all your items and you are in the airport; you have clear airport security and are ready to board the plane.

  • Know the Airport’s Codes. When in the airport, their staff will attach luggage-destination tags. Learn the three-letter airport code for your destination; especially if your flight is direct, double check the airport codes and avoid problems.
  • Know and Ask for your options. Check with airport employee to see how you can make your trip can more appealing. Some terminals offer their clients: play areas, different food choices, among other elements that help you make the most out of your trip.
  • Keep your luggage near your seat. Keeping your luggage near you will make deplaning faster. If you place them in the first available space, you can slow down everything.
  • Traveling with small children, bring the car seat. If in your next trip you will take small children, in addition to taking them take their car seat. Their car seat will help kids stay calm and make the trip enjoyable for them also.

The Trip Begins: Car

There are many of our readers that will travel by car instead of plane. However before you begin the trip, whether it is a long one or a short trip; it is important that you follow these tips.

  • If possible share driving responsibilities with another person. This will allow you to keep an eye on each other and avoid accidents.
  • If you are tired, pull over and take a break. After driving for a few hours you will get tired, we recommend you stop, grab a snack, get some fresh air, stretch your legs and walk around. When you pull over, park your vehicle off the road; never on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane.
  • Know the local laws. When you are on the road know if the state in which you are has laws concerning the use of cellphone while driving. Also, even if it is legal for you to talk on the phone, the safest use of your phone is through a hands-free device.
  • While on the road take a Detailed Map or Road Atlas. A GPS unit is one best device to have when on the road, the problem is that: this device is not 100% reliable. Things can happen so always have an old fashion road map or atlas.
  • Before your trip begins, makes sure your vehicle is in excellent conditions. Check that your vehicles tires are properly inflated, that all fluids are at the appropriate levels and if possible take your car to your local mechanic for maintenance.
  • Avoid the cars gas to reach “E".If traveling on unfamiliar roads, you don’t know where the next gas station is. If your vehicle reaches the middle or quarter of the tank, start looking for a place to fill your tank.
  • Make sure that everyone in your car buckles their seatbelts. This will keep you and your love ones safe and you will follow the law; avoid jail time and enjoy your trip.
  • This one is a logical one – if you drive don’t drink. Never drink any alcoholic beverages before or during your trip; avoid an accident or a jail stop.

Sani Dental Group knows that soon you will be in vacation, soon you will travel and visit family. Before your trip begins we invite you to read this week tips and hopefully not only make it an enjoyable trip, but also a memorable one. Sani Dental Group knows how important it is to prevent a dental disease and to prevent oral problems. We also know the importance of preventing problems, if you are going to travel this 4th of July weekend please read this week tips and make your trip a memorable experience.