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Top Traditional Monsters

Can you imagine a world without monsters?
Who do you consider the top traditional monsters? For our dental clinic in Los Algodones, this is our list of top traditional monsters:


In 1818 an English author, Mary Shelley, brought to life two creatures an eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein and his creation, a grotesque creature commonly refer to as Frankenstein.

There are several movies that feature the creature as the villain, but the reality is that the creature is not a monster; several writers and readers have compared the creature to hero, to a poor victim, to a fighter or a lonely person. This grotesque monster was able to combine feelings like sadness, awareness and at the same time tell a horrifying story.

Even though in recent years the creature has not been correctly adapted to the big screen, the creature has made an appearance in the big screen since 1931. In 1931, Boris Karloff gave life to the creature and thanks to his skillful acting he brought fear and horror to a new generation.


Ghosts have been common since early in human history, these “beings” have been mentioned in many ancient religions, from the Babylonians to the Mesopotamians and even today ghost have an influence in our societies. The belief and manifestation of spirits is widespread and have appear in numerous of pre-literature cultures, literary works and recently in movies.

Ghosts or Spirits generally are represented as an essence that haunts people, objects or locations of things that were associated with them in their life. Thanks to their universal “presence” ghost have been integrated in modern ghost stories, Gothic stories and other horror supernatural stories.


Mummies are deceased humans or animals whose organs and/or skin are preserved either by being exposed to chemicals, extreme cold or because the bodies have been intentionally treated to be preserved. Mummification is a practice that has been used for thousands of years and throughout the world. However, the most famous mummies come from Egypt.

The Egyptian mummies became famous because of the “curse” associated with them. There is a believed that whoever disturbs a mummy's tomb of Ancient Egypt, will be forever cursed; causing bad luck, illness or death. However, no thieves and archaeologists were truly cursed by the Pharaohs.

In 1922 a tomb was discover, the tomb of young pharaoh Tutankhamun, creating a monster that will be commonly featured in many horror genres movies.

This created a monster movies like The Mummy and once again Boris Karloff as the monster as the Mummy.


Vampires are extremely famous monsters, they are one iconic monsters that have been transformed more than once and have been part of pop culture and folklore for thousands of years. These mystical undead beings subsist by drinking blood from the living creatures or feeding on their life essence.

Even though there are many versions as we have mentioned, most versions of vampires that we know originate from early-18th-century southeastern Europe myths and traditions. However, the most famous vampire comes from Bram Stoker in 1897 novel “Dracula”.

In this novel we are introduce to Count Dracula, a supernatural being who is consider the prototype and archetype of all current vampires. This character is inspired by the 15th century Rumanian noble Vlad III the Impaler. In current media, several movies have brought this immortal to life and have brought horror to our lives for future generations to come.


Normal humans by day and even by night, but when a full moon comes these normal and well-mannered persons turn into a beast. These cursed shape-shifters appear nearly in every culture and their legends goes as far back as ancient Greece. These creatures were hunted in medieval times and normally were blamed for community murders that couldn't be explained.

Unlike other monsters there is no literary work associated with their origin and because of this their story has been re-told many times and their looks has also been adjusted to “fit” the current horror ideas. Several movie have been made and in each movie we see how writers create a monster that is horrific and entertaining.


In today’s media we can imagine a witch as a pointy head create with a wart in her nose, but in their original story witches were powerful creatures who possess magical powers connected with the natural world. Many witches had a tragically death, especially in 17th century Europe, when they were hunted by the Christian Church. Similar to werewolves, witches and witchcraft is not associated to a literary work; but they have existed for thousands of years.

Early pagan religions practice black magic, divination, witchcraft and sorcery; in some cases it is used for something good but in many cases this supernatural power is associated with sickness (human and animals), disease, bad luck, many misfortunes and even sudden death. Today many movies have interpreted these creatures in numerous forms and styles.


Even though many might consider this a recent monster, the English word “zombie” actually was first recorded in 1819, by poet Robert Southey. Today’s zombies are mindless humans or animals that have been re-animated and have a hunger for human flesh (usually the brain). In their “original” story these being were control by a bokor or priest and were used as his personal army causing chaos and destruction.

Do you agree with these traditional monster? Have we describe all of them?
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