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Thumb Sucking and it's Dental Problems

Thumb-sucking an action that we all did when young can cause several dental problems. For this week tips Sani Dental Group would like to offer parents and grandparents advice that will help them protect their young ones teeth; prevent dental problems before they begin.

At one point the adult must encourage his son or grandson to stop this habit that in the future can wreak their teeth.


Thumb sucking is a natural reflex that young children have and through this habit, babies learn about their surroundings and feel secure and happy. In addition to feel secure and happy, young children may also suck to soothe themselves and help them fall asleep. This habits is normal in young children, however if permanent teeth or your child is older than 4 years old, the time to stop thumb-sucking had arrive.
Intense thumb-sucking can cause problems with the proper growth of the mouth and alignment of the teeth. Also it can cause changes to the roof of the mouth.

FACT: Intense thumb sucking is a key factor that will determines whether or not dental problems may result.

The Dental Effects of Thumb-sucking

The dental problems associated with thumbsucking include:

  • Difficulty with the correct pronunciation of words
  • Misalignment of teeth (leading to overbite or leading them to protrude)
  • The roof of the mouth might become Malformed
  • The upper and lower jaws can become Misaligned

Some aggressive thumbsuckers may even develop dental problems with their baby (primary) teeth. Grandparents or parents if you notice changes in your child’s primary teeth, Sani Dental Group encourages you to consult the professionals, a visit to the dentist can prevent future problems.

Tips to Help your Young Ones

  • Congratulate your child or grandchild every time he doesn’t suck his thumb.
  • Expert say that a child will thumb suck when he feels insecure or needs comfort; when you see that your child or grandchild suck his thumb provide comfort to your child he might be have an anxiety attack.
  • If the young one is older than 5; involve him or her in choosing the best method of stopping this habit.
  • Your dentist can also offer encouragement to your child and explain what could happen to their teeth if they do not stop sucking.

Here at Sani Dental Group we value family and we know that new generations will soon be coming to our dental clinics for treatment. These young ones should have to struggle with their oral health like their parents or grandparent might off had.

We invite grandparents and parent to protect their young ones’ oral health, if he/she is older than 5 years and still has the habit of thumb-sucking find the way to encourage them to stop.
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