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The Treatment Of Choice For Replacing Missing Teeth

Many people believe that tooth loss is something that only affects older people, but this is not true in all cases. Tooth loss is a condition that should be treated as soon as possible as it has a major impact on your oral health.

According to information published by the CDC, certain chronic conditions are linked to tooth loss, including arthritis, diabetes, and even heart disease.

With the following information, we will share all about the treatments available to replace missing teeth at a reasonable cost, including dentures and dental implants in Mexico.

Dentures, Bridges, or Implants?

Tooth loss is not something that should be put aside, Not only does it visibly affect the way your smile looks, but it can also affect your daily activities such as eating and speaking and can lead to other serious conditions.

Know the 3 main ways to replace teeth:

Cost of Dentures in Mexico

Sani Dental Group has over 30 years of receiving foreign patients looking for dental solutions at a fair price. One of the most popular procedures they seek us for is dentures.

When the patient prefers a removable option, a partial or complete denture is recommended. This depends on the number of teeth to be replaced.

If you are missing several teeth, a partial denture is recommended. For patients who do not have any teeth, full removable dentures are needed.

Dentures, both partial and complete, are considered by many to be the traditional and least comfortable treatment for tooth replacement. However, it is also worth knowing the benefits of dentures.

  • They restore facial volume
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting
  • Restore the entire smile
  • Less expensive option
  • With proper care, they are long-lasting
  • If you are interested in this treatment, schedule an initial consultation with the dentist of your choice.

These prostheses can be made of different materials. The most common are porcelain and acrylic dentures. 

Both materials offer different characteristics, the dentist will guide you in the first consultation to choose the option that best suits the needs and expectations of each person. 

At this first visit, the dentist will guide you as to which type of denture is best suited for your particular case.

Also at this visit, measurements and impressions of your jaw will be taken to create the denture model. This is done for both partial and fixed dentures.

How much are dentures in Mexico at Sani Dental Group?

The best option for those patients who are looking to restore their smile, economically speaking, is to choose dentures in Mexico. A full set of immediate plates can cost $560, while partial dentures have a starting price of $480.

If you want to know more about denture care, watch this video.

Dental Bridges 

sani-dental-reviewsThis procedure is used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge consists of at least 3 dental crowns together, two of which are attached to the teeth on the sides of the missing tooth.

They are usually made of porcelain fused to metal crowns to blend in more aesthetically with the natural teeth.

About the benefits of dental bridges

  • The bridge lasts for many years and requires
  • No other invasive dental work is required to receive it.
  • Looks natural
  • Is a better option for those missing more than one consecutive tooth

Dental Bridges Cost

Visiting our clinic in Mexico, dental bridges are priced at $195 for each crown involved in the bridges.

Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental implants are surgically positioned to replace tooth roots. Teeth implants are typically made of a material called Titanium. However, today there are other options for patients who prefer a metal-free implant.

As implants are attached directly to the jawbone is a procedure with long-lasting results. But this is only one of the benefits that dental implants offer, in addition:

  • They look and function like natural teeth
  • They provide stability and strength
  • Consider the longest-lasting option
  • Stimulates healthy bone growth

Cost of Dental Implants

Although implants can indeed be seen as the best option for the short and long-term benefits it offers, it is an expensive option. 

And even more so when additional treatments such as extractions or bone grafting are needed to receive the implants. 

In the United States, implant costs are usually between $3000-$4500 per tooth and it is generally not a procedure that is covered by dental insurance. Compare prices of other dental treatments in Mexico with US prices. 

Dental clinics in Mexico are known for offering implants and other quality dental treatments at a more affordable price. In our clinic, we offer different brands of implants with an initial cost of $750.

The cost of medical treatment in Mexico, including dental care, and the quality of patient care have made Mexico a favorite destination for medical tourism. 

Still don't know which option is best for you? 

Our first advice is to schedule an initial consultation with the dentist to review your particular case and recommend the best solution. 

Also, consider the following factors before making a decision:

First, consider the number of missing teeth and the current state of health. Not everyone is a candidate for all procedures. 

We know that cost is something to consider. Comparing different price lists, not always the cheapest option is the best, and not always the most expensive option is the best. 

Take the time to check out several clinics especially if you are considering traveling for dental work.

Finally, consider the time needed to complete each treatment. The treatment time for implants is not the same as for bridges or dentures.  

About The Largest Dental Group In The Region 


Sani Dental Group is one of 300 dental clinics in Los Algodones, a city considered the dental capital of the world and located on the border with Yuma. 

With the growth of medical tourism and thanks to the trust of our patients, now Sani Dental Group is also in Playa del Carmen, giving one more destination option to our patients. 

In both locations, we have the same price list and the same wide variety of treatments, including the three restorative procedures mentioned above. 

If you are interested in receiving dental care in Mexico, we help you from the first contact to organizing the trip, to the end of your procedure. 

Feel comfortable from the first visit and discover which is the ideal treatment for you to recover your complete smile.