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The New World of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism has become popular thanks to all the benefits that it brings for those who need medical treatments.

It is true that this practice has been growing in the last years, still getting reliable information is challenging. Here we share everything to know about the New World of Medical Tourism, which hopefully helps many make an informed decision.

Why are people traveling for Medical Tourism?

People are traveling because of the high quality of health care, affordability, access to care, or better availability that they receive in another country than they would have in their own country, this is basically what the New world of medical tourism is all about.

They travel to receive medical, dental, and surgical care while still receiving equal or greater care than they would have in their home of residence.

The cost savings can be up to 70%. Even taking into account the travel costs, as more patients get into the new world of medical tourism it is possible for them to save thousands of dollars and improve the quality of life. Compare prices right here.

Trusted international accreditation has become one of the factors that enhanced the new world of medical tourism.

By doing research before, traveling patients can find clinics with international certifications.

Visit Mexico for Medical Tourism

Mexico prices are probably one of the biggest benefits of receiving medical treatment in this country.

Lower operation costs, labor costs, and the generally low cost of living in the country are the main factors why people save money when visiting Mexico.

In addition to the appealing prices, the international demand for quality services, certified doctors, and advanced technology has made Mexico a top destination choice for medical tourism.

Popular specialties among medical travelers include:

• Cosmetic Surgery

• Dentistry

• Orthopedics

• Scans, tests

• General Surgery


The No.1 destination for Dental Tourism

Los Algodones, Mexico is a world-known popular town located seven miles south of Yuma, Arizona.

Residents of the United States and Canada cross the border at Andrade, California every day to take advantage of Medical Tourism: high-quality procedures for accessible prices. 

For those who came from far taking a plane to the Yuma International Airport may be the best option for them.

Many get nervous about crossing the border although it’s nothing to worry about. The border is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. We recommend travelers who are driving to Los Algodones to park in the lot and walk over in order to cross the border, it’s usually easier and faster than crossing it in the car. If you want to know the current restrictions at the border read here

Make sure to bring your passport and which is valid for at least six months, which is the maximum period of time you can stay in the country as a tourist. It won’t be necessary to enter Mexico, but you’ll need to go back to the United States.

When patients arrive in the city, they’re often amazed by the great number of dental clinics. Although, when it comes to oral health and taking care of dental needs, it’s important to visit the best place with the best doctors in Molar City.

Best Los Algodones Dentist

Our doctors are extensively trained to complete all dental work a patient may need.


Some patients are in need of a little more care than a regular cleaning or filling.

At our clinics, we count on a team of doctors with different specialties that depending on each patient's needs, their dental treatment can be done by one, two, or more doctors.

• Endodontists specialize in diagnosing and treating issues within our teeth. They often perform root canal treatment and other procedures relating to the interior of the tooth, addressing traumatic dental injuries.

• Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons specialize in treating problem-related to the hard and soft tissues of the face, mouth, and jaw. They have undergone additional training to treat more serious dental issues.

They also receive training in techniques of emergency medicine and anesthesiology.

• Periodontist treats the early stages of gum disease and trained in the placement, maintenance, and repair of dental implants.

They specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease.

• Prosthodontists specialized in dental treatments related to replacing or repairing teeth.

Porcelain veneers, crowns, dentures, and implants are among the treatments prosthodontists normally perform.

Additional to the years of training and experience we are all about never stop learning, therefore every year our doctors take the time to assist different national and international courses to provide only the best dental attention to our patients.

To give our patients the best possible service and results, our doctors and dental staff are committed to always continue learning about the newest techniques and equipment in the dental industry.

All of our doctors are bilingual and will gladly answer any of your questions, the language will not be a problem at our dental clinic.

The only dental clinic in the region with the prestigious “International Patient services certification”  by the Medical Tourism Association.

This certification is for those clinics that have the necessary standards, services, and protocols in place to adequately address international patient needs and expectations.

A proud member of the American Dental Association, this association exists to power the profession of dentistry and to assist members in advancing the overall oral health of patients.

When you choose to take your treatment with an ADA Member you´re choosing one that will follow the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct.

Our clinic is a member of other associations that gives us the opportunity to build trust among our patients, such as Better Business Bureau Mark of Accreditation, the Mexican Council of Medical Tourism, and the GCR.         

Sani Dental Group has officially proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services, and patient responses well above current international clinic standards. Take a look at all our credentials and associations of our clinic.

It is our policy to make things easier for our patients and help them achieve the smile of their dreams. We do not work directly with foreign dental insurance companies but we can help you fill out all the necessary paperwork for a cost of only $30 dollars so the insurance company can reimburse the money.

We offer our patients a wide variety of procedures in both of our clinics: Sani Dental Group Alamo and Sani Dental Group Platinum.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can save with the new world of medical tourism and especially at Sani Dental Group. Save in implants, crowns, dentures, and other procedures. Patients save almost up to 70% compared to U.S prices.

With the help of a lab technician, the dentist, and the use of top-quality equipment they can determine the most appropriate way to carry out the procedure and therefore, offer patients a more precise diagnosis.

We stand behind every procedure we provide to our patients. At Sani Dental Group we are confident in our doctor’s exceptional care and quality work, that’s why we support it with a 5-year warranty on any dental treatment.

The complete experience for medical tourists

For some patients, it may be necessary to stay in the city for some days to complete the procedure.

We recommend staying at two of the best hotels in town. Cielito Lindo Hotel located at the same plaza as our Alamo clinic. Expect to have a peaceful and comfortable time every morning waking up at Cielito Lindo Hotel.        

Hacienda Los Algodones a nice hotel located near the border. The ideal place to heal and rest on your dental vacation with a pool at our patients’ disposal.

All Sani Dental Group patients are eligible to receive special rates at both Cielito Lindo Hotel and Hacienda Los Algodones.

For the comfort of our patients, we have a free shuttle service between the border, hotel, and clinic. One of our staff members can pick you up wherever works best for the patient.

Right next to our dental Clinic: Baja Surgery Center


Baja Surgery Center is the first facility in Los Algodones and is located at Mediplaza. 

Being a recognized city for dental tourism, patients that travel to receive dental care, started looking for other medical treatments as well.

A modern surgery center that offers preventive surgical care, focusing on same-day procedures of plastic surgery, general surgery, maxillofacial, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, and aesthetic medicine.


An international company dedicated to stem cell research and the development of a procedure to provide stem cell therapy for a wide variety of diseases.

For a decade, GIOSTAR has been performing stem cell transplants following the highest medical standards and now patients can improve their quality of life by visiting the clinic at MediPlaza.

Thanks to GIOSTAR, Baja Surgery Center, a full pharmacy, and a certified vision center, the medical offer for our patients has expanded to offer everything a patient might need during their medical trip at Los Algodones, Mexico.

All the staff that works at MediPlaza is bilingual and ready to answer any questions and doubts about the procedure, the clinics, and the town.

The restaurant you'll want to visit

Also at Mediplaza, Mi Casa es Su Casa restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious traditional dish. Tasty food, beautiful decoration, and friendly staff delight every visitor!

Also, we have a great team of Patients coordinators ready to assist since the beginning of your medical trip. Give us a call today, let us be part of your Medical Tourism experience.