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The National Geography Society

There is a society that have been with us for more than 100 years thanks, to this society many of have learned of other cultures, other habits and other cultures from far, far away. The society that has shown us another part of the world is the National Geographic Society, this society has dedicated more than 100 years to illuminate and raise our awareness of the world.

History and Mission

Toward the end of the 19th century a group of explorers and scientists gathered at the Cosmos Club, in Washington D.C. to as they stated, organize "a society for the increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge". For the last 100 + years, this society has encouraged its viewer and readers to the conservation of natural resources and has raise our awareness regarding the importance of natural habitats, wildlife and how to protect these from threats.

Their mission, as state in their website, is to inspire, illuminate and teach. The National Geographic Society, was incorporated on January 27 when Gardiner Greene Hubbard became the society first president. The society has founded more than 11,000 scientific research, conservation and exploration projects around the globe; in addition to these accomplishments, the National Geography Society is one of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations.

Nat Geo Accomplishments

There has been many accomplishments achieve by the National Geographic Society, thanks to these our knowledge and view of the world has expanded.

They have inspire us to explore, they have illuminate us in a time of darkness and thought us the importance of conserving and protecting natural resources.

Since their foundation, National Geographic has grown to become one of the primary and most accurate iconic brands in the world, their magazines and other media resources (the National Geographic Channel, reaches millions of people each day.
Past and current grantees include:

  • Anthropologist Wade Davis
  • Anthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey
  • Author and Historian Stephen Ambrose
  • Excavator of the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu Hiram Bingham
  • High-altitude Archaeologist Johan Reinhard
  • Marine biologist Sylvia Earle
  • Mountain Gorilla expert Dian Fossey
  • Paleontologist Paul Sereno
  • Polar Explorer Robert Peary
  • Underwater explorer and discoverer of the sunken Titanic Robert Ballard

When invite you to visit their site and personally experience what the National Geographic Society has to offer you.

Here at Sani Dental Group we admire and acknowledge the many achievement the National Geographic Society has accomplish.
They are an easy brand to recognized, with their colorful friendly logo; a yellow portrait frame and strong media presence. The magazine is currently published in more than 40 languages and is also available in digital newsstands.

When visiting our dental clinic in Los Algodones, why not read a magazine? Get inspire, illuminate and learn something new; this will make the short wait even shorter.