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The Dental Tip you Need

Many of us tend to assume that our teeth will always be there and that our teeth will always be strong and healthy, however the truth is that if we don’t take of them we can lose our beautiful smile. As we grow in years, our oral cavity is exposed to many treats; our strong functional teeth should not be taken for granted.
Sani Dental Group wants you to have a strong, healthy smile and to help you achieve this we, would like to offer you a few tips.

Avoid Sugary Foods

Believe it or not, there are many reasons for which we should avoid sugary foods. Sugary foods don’t only affect our oral health, but also our body overall health.

Check Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Consuming large amounts of sugar can lead to serious effects on our blood. When the blood gets harmed, our metabolism suffers and disease like diabetes, heart disease, obesity and/or a short lifespan can be expected.

Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance

Excess fructose/sugar consumption can lead to insulin resistance, this in turn can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Sugar contains Empty Calories

Adding sugar to foods and other consumption products will remove the product natural minerals, nutrients or vitamins; the little nutrients that it now contains are classified as “empty” calories.

Sugar is Addictive

Because of its powerful effects on the reward system in the brain; sugar can lead to the classic signs of addiction, similar to drugs.

Sugar Supplies Large Amounts of Fructose

Eating foods with large amounts of added fructose/sugar can cause deposition of fat in the liver and lead to diseases. Fructose/Sugar deposit in the liver because, the only organ that can metabolize fructose is the liver, this additional stress will cause many things in the body start to go wrong.

Brushing, Flossing and Mouthwash

What Comes First? Have you ever wonder what step you should take first to have a strong, healthy smile?

Sani Dental Group investigate and this is our recommendation. Before brushing, take the small extra step by soaking the head of your toothbrush in peroxide, this will increase its cleaning effectiveness. After brushing, to reduce the risk of bacterial transfer floss. In short: 1) Rinse, 2) Brush and 3) Floss; following this order will increase good oral health.

Saliva’s Secrets

Even though saliva is 99.5% water the other 0.5% consists of antibacterial, electrolytes, enzymes, glycoproteins and mucus compounds. Thanks to this compounds saliva is one of the strongest soldiers our body has to combat bacteria. Drinking water or consuming sour foods can help our body fight numerous bacteria that can be find in the mouth and water can clear and cleanse our oral cavity.

Teeth and Gums Need Calcium

Our teeth and gums are made up of Calcium, eating foods rich in calcium will keep your teeth strong.

To know more about Calcium and the food that are rich in calcium we invite you to read our post: Five Life Saving Fruits and Vegetables

Understanding Vitamin D

The sun offer us many benefits and one of them is Vitamin D, this vitamin help us absorb the calcium in our body. As mention on the top tip, calcium offers us several oral benefits, we encourage you to go outdoors and exercising as often as possible.

With calcium and vitamin D working together you will have a strong healthy body and strong healthy teeth.

Visits to the Dentists

Our dental clinic advises you to visit the dentist every six months. Your teeth might look healthy and strong on the outside, however time and time again while examination and diagnosis dentist have found bacteria and plaque in areas you cannot see in the mirror. Setting up an appointment with your dentist will help you keep that strong healthy smile.

We hope this tips help you achieve a strong, healthy smile. If you suffer any troubles with your teeth, visit our dental clinic in the city of Los Algodones. This city is just a few miles from Yuma, Az. and offer our visitors many interesting sites and services, we invite you to read our previous post: Los Algodones What to Expect; for more information.