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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day has arrived, are you ready to enjoy the celebration? This Thursday millions of Americans will gather with their family, friends, loved and many will enjoy with a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner will include dishes like: turkey, fruits and vegetables, pumpkin pie, potatoes and many other delicious treats. However, not many understand or know how this tradition began, many do not know the rich history behind Thanksgiving Day.

History of Thanksgiving

The Mayflower

The ship was originally constructed to transport supplies, not people; but on September 6, 1620 this change. The magnificent ship that transported the Pilgrims to the New World, had 102 passengers and the crews’ age is estimated to be in the 30.
These passengers were made primary made of English Puritans and Separatists along with other European citizens who wanted a change, citizens who wanted a new just government.

The voyage has become an iconic story in American history, the voyage has become legendary as it demonstrates a story of death and of survival in the harsh New World winter environment. Also the Mayflower has a famous place in American history as a symbol of early European colonization of the future United States. Creating a deep impact in United States history.

Mayflower Impact

The Mayflower had another major impact in United States history. For example, the Mayflower Compact, this is a document signed by 41 English colonists that contain a draft to prevent dissent amongst Puritans and non-separatist Pilgrims who had landed at Plymouth a few days.

The compact created a “Civil Body Politic” to enact “just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and Offices.”

Fact: The original Mayflower Compact was lost, but its exact language and list of signers was preserved by William Bradford.

After the arrival of the Mayflower in Plymouth, Massachusetts the Pilgrims had many struggles to overcome; but thanks to the help of Natives, they were able to survive the harsh, cold winters and settle in the Americas.

The First Thanksgiving

As mention, thanks to the assistance offered by the Natives the Pilgrims were able to survive the winters and as token of appreciation both the Pilgrims and the Natives celebrate a dinner; today we call this event is call Thanksgiving Dinner.

During the feast, contrary to popular belief, turkey was not the main dish. While no records exist of the exact dishes consumed, some historians have indicated that Deer could have been the main course in the first Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Current Status

Today Thanksgiving Day is celebrated a bit different from how it was once celebrated. However part of the tradition includes family getting together and having a delicious meal.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

One the new traditions associated with the celebration is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade involves many popular floats, many traditional floats and an opportunity to gather the family together and enjoy good moments.

Now if you are more of a sport fan Thanksgiving Day offer you an annual Football game.

Football Game

American football is one of the many American traditions held on Thanksgiving, this is also one of the oldest traditions associated with this day; because many families will gather and enjoy time together, it was decided that a good American football game is needed. Virtually every level of football, will play football on Thanksgiving Day.
Fact: Detroit is the city that began the moment that now is a tradition!

Meals and Dental Health

In our previous post: Oral Health and Thanksgiving we learned the importance of having delicious meal but not at the cost of good dental health.

This Thanksgiving Day, protect your teeth and avoid dental diseases, Sani Dental Group advices you to brush your teeth after each meal if possible.

By properly brushing your teeth after each meal, you can avoid numerous of oral diseases, however if these toothaches persist we invite you to visit our dental clinic in Los Algodones and keep your smile strong, healthy and picture perfect.

Having good dental health on Thanksgiving is important, but more important is to have a strong healthy smile all year long and Sani Dental Group can help you achieve this, come and visit us to experience the ultimate dental experience.