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Taking Care of your Braces and Teeth

So, you recent got braces, now what will you do? Getting an orthopedic treatment can be very beneficial, but also very confusing. If you currently have braces or have had braces, you might of have noticed that the position of your bite has improved and that your teeth are straighter than before. There are several reasons why one might need this dental treatment, maybe you have:

  • Excessive Spacing
  • Crowdiing
  • Open Bite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Overjet

Unfortunately the use of these orthodontic appliances can cause discomfort and even pain; but dental braces are continuously changing, the once bulky and scary appliance is now a small metallic square that is practically invisible.
Thanks to these orthodontic appliances, those who suffer from any of the above oral problems are now experiencing a beautiful, straight smile.

Your Braces and Teeth

All your friends and family who have had braces, always seem to tell you scary experiences they had with their braces or all the pain they suffer. However, being honest, braces are not that bad; keep this in mind, if braces are as painful and bad as people say, why do so many people (even adults) use them?
The truth about dental braces is that they will cause pain every now and then, but you can resist this pain and usually is only felt the day adjustments are made by the dentist. In most cases, the first night after braces have been put is the hardest. The taste of metal in your mouth or rubber-bands might also take some time adjusting to, only in the beginning. Instead of feeling embarrass and/or low self-esteem for having braces, be confident today’s braces are practically invisible, many will not notice the braces all you need to do it smile.

Taking Care of your Braces

If you did not have the habit of brush your teeth twice a day, once you have braces you must. In order to keep a strong and healthy smile, Sani Dental Group advices you to make sure you clean all areas. Bracket and bands can trap foods particles that can lead to tooth decay, discoloration and gum disease. This is why you must make sure you get under the wires, this could be tricky at first, but you will soon get used to it. If you use dental tablets to help you locate plaque, then brushing your teeth will be an easier job.

FACT: Plaque is the root of most oral health issues for people who wear braces.

To properly take care of your braces and teeth do these 3 simple steps: 1) remember to brush at an angle, both over and under the brackets and scrub gently. 2) Use a floss threader to assist while flossing, the threader will help you do a more effective clean. 3) Finally use a proxabrush to get under the wires and keep that healthy beautiful smile, healthy and beautiful.

New Eating Habits

Safe Foods

The firsts days after getting braces, stick to foods that require little to no chewing. If you can, persuade a love one to take you out for milkshakes or ice cream. By eating these soft foods you will avoid pain or a prolong treatment, but breaking the rules can caused broken wires or brackets.
These are some foods that are both delicious and braces safe:

  • Berries
  • Dairy Products
  • Diced Fruits
  • Meat (small pieces)
  • Poultry Products (small pieces)
  • Whole Grain Bread

What to Avoid

Be careful when eating hard foods, hard foods can break a bracket or get stuck between your teeth and wires. Don't eat hard foods with a hard surface, for example:

  • Bagels
  • Chips
  • Hard Taco Shells
  • Ice
  • Nuts
  • Whole Apples or Carrots

In addition don’t chew on any hard items such as ice, pens, pencils or fingernails; if you do you might break the brackets or developed other oral problems. While on treatment a new diet might be needed, your dentist might ask you to minimize the consumption of sugary foods, foods and drinks such as: Cake, Candy, Caramel, Gooey chocolates, Ice cream, Pie, or Soda; this foods can increase the risk of developing Gum Disease.

Finally to properly take care of your braces and teeth, avoid foods and drinks that might discolor or stain your teeth. If you have questions, ask your local dentists or call our patient coordinators at Sani Dental Group.

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