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How to Survive Christmas without Losing your Teeth

Christmas is here! Children and adults from all around the world will wake up tomorrow morning to find that someone let a surprise under their Christmas tree. This is a season for smiles and joy, and we at Sani Dental Group wish that you have an amazing time in the company of your loved ones. It has been a great year for us, and we hope it was for you, as well. Today we want to share with you the tips you need to know to enjoy this season with a beautiful smile. Here is how to survive Christmas without losing your teeth.

Eat Candy with Meals

On this season, candy and other sugary foods are present everywhere all the time. It's almost impossible to not eat one treat when they surround you, but you should know that they are bad for your teeth. If you cannot resist to eat candy, be sure to do it with meals so your saliva production increases. This helps to neutralize acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and to avoid plaque from forming. Enjoy your Christmas candy, but don't forget to look after your smile.

Avoid Sweets that Stay in Your Mouth for a Long Time

We refer to sweets such as lollipops, caramels, and chewing gum with sugar. These candies that stay in your mouth for a long time make a big damage to your teeth. The longer the candy is in your mouth, the bigger the damage to your teeth is. If you're going to eat sweets this holiday season, make sure that they stay a short time in your mouth so the acids don't attack your teeth for a prolonged period. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Being able to avoid foods that damage your teeth on this season is almost impossible. A good way to take care of your teeth even when you're eating all these foods is drinking plenty of water. By doing this, your mouth stays hydrated and bacteria inside your mouth can be washed away. So don't forget to enjoy your cookies, fruitcake, turkey, and tamales with a glass of water at side. 

Eat Nutritious Meals

Yes, we know it's Holiday season, but that doesn't mean you can live just from eating fruitcake. Try to add healthy food to your daily diet over this season. Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are good for your dental health, so don't forget about them over this season.

Avoid Beverages with Added Sugar on It

The beverages we refer are soda, sports drinks, or flavored waters. These drinks have a high level of sugar that makes a big damage to your teeth if not removed immediately. As well as with sweets, if you drink any of these beverages, make sure of also drinking water to neutralize the acids of the sugar. We all love to drink fruit punch on this season, but we also love our smile, right?

Don't Forget to Brush your Teeth Before Going to Bed

Remember that you must be sleeping so Santa Claus can leave gifts under your tree, but don't forget to brush before. On this season, your mouth will be probably full of sugar and bacteria. Brush before bed so your teeth can be protected and you can receive Christmas with a shiny and healthy smile.

Now, Let Us Thank You

2015 was a great year for Sani Dental Group. It has been such an honor for us to have treated almost 9,000 patients this year. This is the proof that we have earned your trust and nothing could make us happier than that. Hopefully, next year will be as great as this one was. We hope to count on you to accompany us. If you've visited one of our dental clinics before, it will be a pleasure to see you again. If you haven't visited us yet, we invite you to see why our dental clinic is one of the best in Mexico. All we want is that you have the smile you deserve and an amazingly merry Christmas.