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Strong Summer Smile

Summer and vacation time is here! Many of us have waited months for this special season to arrive and now that it’s here we are ready to travel, visit our family and friends; but is our smile ready? We know that during this time many parents and even grandparents will be busy, either building memories, cooking, cleaning, going to soccer or ballet practices, outdoor camping, among other activities. With all these activities keeping track of our dental health can be difficult, with this in mind Sani Dental Group will like to give you a few dental tips that will you have a Strong Summer Smile.

How to Strengthen your Teeth

Avoid Sugary Foods

Kids’ routine will usually change during the summer, many kids don’t have to wake up early for school and tend to stay up late. With this change in their routine, a change in their daily meals also occurs. Sani advices you to avoid sugary unhealthy, foods and snacks, instead stock your fridge with healthy snacks; foods like: cereals, fruits, home-made snacks (Zucchini or Kale chips), natural juices, nuts or vegetables are just a few examples.

Don’t Forget to Brush

As mentioned in our previous tip, because your routine will change you might forget a few things, like brushing your teeth. The normal routine is off and many tend to forget to brush their teeth twice a day; if you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy, remember to brush your teeth twice a day.

Lip Balm SPS 15 +

Many forget to apply sunscreen in their lips, it’s important to remember to use lip balm with SPF throughout the summer months. Using a lip balm will protect your lips from the harmful effects UV rays can cause. In the case of girls, avoid lip gloss – lip gloss absorbs more sunlight and will increase your risk of burns. When purchasing sunblock, don’t forget to buy lip balm.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated during this summer season avoid heat strokes and other diseases, bring a water bottle with you when you are doing any physical activity or will stay for prolong periods in the sun. Here at Sani, we suggest you to minimize drinking cokes or other sugary drinks; if you can’t avoid the soda can, remember to drink some water afterwards. In addition to avoiding heat strokes, staying hydrated will help to prevent cavities from forming.

The Mouth Guard

Summer is a great time to spend it outdoors doing physical activity, with this in mind Sani reminds you to not forget your Mouth Guard. Wearing a mouth-guard is always a good idea, whether or not there is physical contact; a mouth-guard protects your teeth and smile, preventing chips, teeth from getting knocked out, and/or concussions. This summer, please be careful and protect your teeth through a mouth guard.

Toothbrushes Replacement

Remember to replace your toothbrush every 3 months, every new season replace your toothbrush for everyone in your family. This simple tip will help your teeth stay strong and healthy.

Summer Smiles

Summer is here and we know that many of you will soon be traveling and meeting-up with love ones and friends. If your dental is a little more complex and you need to see a professional, we invite you to spend this summer at the dentist, come to Los Algodones and allow our team of professionals to assist you with all your oral needs. For Sani Dental Group, your oral health is our primary concern and we want you to have the best dental experience ever. Contact one of our patient coordinators and see how our team of professionals will help you have a strong summer smile and see for yourself everything Sani has to offer you.