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Steps Toward The Perfect Sand Castle

Beach season has approach and many sometimes just want to stare at the vast ocean, rest and enjoy a few hours of sun and sand; however many others go to the beach to build. Many come to beach to build a sand castle; with this in mind Sani Dental Group will like to give you a few pointer that will help you build the perfect Sand Castle.

Step 1: The Basics

In order to build the perfect Sand Castle, you will need a few basic items: sand, a bucket (maybe even 2), water, a shovel, two spatula (various sizes) and a few carving tools.

Sand and Water
Sand is the most important component you will need, after all you are build a sand castle. Through the addition of water, you will be able to build unique figures. Beach sand is usually dry in its natural state, but adding water will build liquid bridges that connect each granules of sand. Do not use a little bit of water use lots of it and let the water drain. Once you mix the sand with water, start packing it down, this will solidify the sand.

Step 2: The Materials

Having the proper materials will make the difference between a sand castle and the perfect sand castle. So having the proper tools is important, to build the perfect sand castle you will need a small shovel, one or two buckets, spatulas and a few carving tools. Having the proper equipment will easy the construction of buildings and give them their proper shape. The carving tools can include anything from an old kitchen knife, spoons to any item that will help you shape the sand. You can even use plastic tools we see young children carrying in the beach. Once you have all your tools close by its time to build the perfect sand castle.

Step 3: Building Time

While online there are several videos with instructions on how to build a sand castle, the professional dentists and staff at Sani Dental Group advices you to simple have fun. The shape is important, but in our opinion the greatest benefit building a sand castle is the smiles and joyful moments you will share with your sons, daughter and grandchildren. However, if you need a guide you can follow these steps:

  • Have a strong foundation: A strong foundation will reduce the risk of collapse, when you beginning to build make sure you have a solid base. To make the strong foundation, add plenty of water to a pile of sand and then pack the sand down.
  • Sand Piling: After you have finish packing down the sand, it’s time to build a pile of sand. Pile up the sand in a pyramid shape, this is essential if you want to build the perfect sand castle.
  • Carving to Perfection: After you have pile the sand, start carving and removing unwanted sand; afterward start shaping the pile of sand into the perfect castle. With the variety of tools you brought with you start sculpting the walls, add windows, doors and any other decorations you consider the castle needs. Remember to keep a bucket of close, it will keep the sand sticky and makes it easier to work with.
  • The Finish Touches: Add the finishes touches, things like: shells, flowers, and other decorations you consider you need. Al these details will add visual impact to passing by tourist, family and friends.
  • Time to Enjoy!: Now, it’s time to enjoy your creation after much effort, it’s time to take pictures; share your experience with others and create memorable moments. When passing tourists ask you how it was done, be kind and share with them as much as many details as you can.

For the largest dental clinic in Los Algodones, family and memorable moments are just as important as having good dental health. We know that many of you will be traveling this summer, many will go to the beach and create memorable moments. If during one of these trips you experience any dental problems, take a few days and visit Sani Dental Group. Come to Sani and allow our team of professionals to take care of your oral needs and be part of the Sani Dental Group Experience.